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I heard that there were female snow spirits in Echigo, but I don't know whether it's true or not.

Needless to say, Norway has become the world's second largest oil supplier.

I had to show her something.

Were those Dylan's exact words?

I saw a panda once.


That is my book.

You don't have a wife, do you?

He knew what he did was wrong.

I think that I'll be in Boston by 2:30.

Shall I get some for you?

That's not what you told me.

There's nothing we can do.

He's not my cousin.

Is it too late to change my mind?

Can I speak to the manager?

How expensive is it?


Shaw doesn't earn enough money to support his family.


I'd like to go on another cruise.

Thanks to television, we can enjoy watching baseball games in our rooms.

We need to come up with a plan, and fast.

Sanche certainly let me know what he thought of my ideas.

I think you saw something.

The principal wants to talk to you.

Mike loved Boston.

I've never seen this woman sad or anxious.

Take your shoes off.

Bob didn't miss the bus.

She is all in all to me.

In the past, the old used to be looked upon as experts in solving various problems of life.

She eats fruit.

He went to Britain to deepen his knowledge of the culture.

Were you at Debbie's house yesterday evening?

I'd rather spend money on something I'd actually wear.

In what direction or fields is change necessary?

I adapted the garage for use as a workshop.

She gave him the elbow yesterday.

What happened to you in Boston?

I'd love to meet him.


The news of her victory will break in the evening paper.

Visit us tomorrow.

Spring is a good time to clean up in the garden.


Blake and Michael talked all night.

I'm glad I watched the game.

The doctor is not available now.

My grandfather always sits in this chair.

You are afraid that Latinate languages exude sexuality, to which you are not accustomed.

I don't know what has become of the boy.

Where did you paint them?


What might Griff look like? Can he be tall? Does he have brown hair? Does he wear glasses?

Antonio has a strong personality.

Well, what are you good at?

Probably you are allergic to pollen or dust.

I have complete faith in him.

Thai is the official language of Thailand.

We're helping them.

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Beth is an odd girl who likes snakes.

I'm dying to see Paris.

The Nile is longer than any other river in the world.

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Can you taste the garlic?


Sassan and Elisabeth both seem unable to do that.

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Noam stopped laughing when he noticed Juha was crying.

Martyn is the batter on deck.

Are they all strong?

I haven't seen much of Bruce recently.

Eddy is timid.


We'll go over it again.


I agree with your opinion.

I'm not doing this for the money.

He is always full of ideas.

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We don't go on trips.


Chris has been lying to us.


Don't mind us.


He is trying to study as hard as he can.

There was nothing there.

Sharada agreed to meet with Marlena.

Carolyn caught a whole string of fish.

There need to be new regulations for export businesses.

Both of you are right.

Mara seems to be barely paying attention.

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FBI agents staked out Kamiya's house for 2 weeks.

I'm going to go get him.

I don't know your reasons for not liking Clare.

She started dating boys much older than her.

The CEO raised his salary even though the company was losing money.

I can't get through to him.

Where did that idea come from?

We found there was scarcely any money left in the cash-box.

Bring everything to ruin.

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Many politicians don't keep their promises.


I don't understand your complaint.

I know who to give it to.

He took a picture.

There are things one is born with, and things one has to cultivate.

Have you ever breathed pure air?

Taurus is unlikely to want to go.

She moved back with her parents.

She has a crush on Justin Trudeau.

Something's definitely wrong.


I don't want to have to worry about you.

Did you say yes?

She killed herself at the age of thirty.

The boy was quiet.

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world.


When I was growing up, I never imagined that I would become famous.

I told the story that my mom told me to my daughter.

John isn't as skinny as he used to be.

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Is he any better today?

Meehan died three weeks after that.

She made it clear that she wanted to go for a swim.


The dealer took advantage of her ignorance and bought the picture very cheap.

The rumors were false.

Do you really want to change?

It's raining, so we should go home.

I hope Jayant comes back soon.

It's a question of life or death.

My heart is painful.

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Should we be concerned?

Anton is a lunatic.

I'd love to go there one day.

The inspection was quite perfunctory.

What did you say again?

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You can't eat your cake and have it.


Doug's attitude infuriates me.

Thanks for your trouble.

I think we've got a problem.


Terri would never leave Major.

Harris has an eye for modern art.

I'm not wealthy.


I will have been to New York twice this time.

I told Micky to take his time.

I think our relationship is over.

That's my boy!

I'll assist in any way I can.

In winter, when there is moonlight, there is ice.

The chances of victory or defeat are even.

Thinking about those sort of things, I watched "Duck Soup" again.

We used to live together.


He is at home, but no one can see him.


He was among those chosen.


Back in the Soviet Union, the dogs Veterok ("Breeze") and Ugolyok ("Little Lump Of Coal") were launched aboard Kosmos 110 by the Soviet Union on February 22, 1966.


Leon was sitting on the steps.


Measureless fear makes always to act clumsily.

I thought I could trust you.

The pain was worse than he could stand.

Can you charge your phone now, please? I need someone to talk to.

Let's meet in front of the main entrance at two-thirty.

I don't see Howard doing that.

This interview has a different purpose.

What exactly are you thinking?

I don't agree with these actions.

She is almost as intelligent as an average human child.

He looks just like a skeleton.

Earl had no choice but to fight back.

With this telescope, you can see stars and you can see dreams.

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He is the man I saw yesterday.

It's good to be back in Boston.

Richard talked to Richard briefly.

Many people, even ones who generally like sex, find fetishes repulsive.

I'll be honest.

I thought I'd worry about that later.

I enjoy doing things with Olivier.


A hint from you is enough.

You're going to be a father.

I have something personal to tell you after the dinner.