Have you ever been inside Jwahar's house?

Haumea is a dwarf planet found in the Kuiper Belt. The Kuiper Belt is a big cloud of gas, dust, and rocky debris located at the outer edge of our solar system.

Languages that would have never found themselves together in a traditional system, can be connected in Tatoeba.

A kangaroo surprised security officers at Melbourne Airport when it was found hopping around one of the carparks!

I'd like the same style as this one.

You're reading my mind.

Sit a little straighter.

The dog next door is dangerous.

Some of the students were late for school.

Ilya is organising a Kris Kringle at work.

He has gone to Paris on official business.

From the moment that I knew that the university existed, I've wanted to go there.

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Joni made Rajeev cry.

Do you remember meeting me before?

We carried on talking.


Theo is so nice.

Your room is down the hall.

You're lying now, aren't you?

Elliot would make an excellent spy.

I think it's clouding up.

Japanese eat more than just Japanese cuisine.

I'd really like to know.

I forget sad things when I fall asleep.

This is my sister.

Please leave this room.

Can you come up with something by Monday?

I'd like a copy of the autopsy report.

I know the man you came with.

Roy couldn't face it.

He died quickly.

I slept for a couple of hours on the airplane.

Do you use fingernail clippers to cut your toenails?


I like her picture.

I don't care what you do with it.

Don't let what he said get to you. He was just getting back at you for what you said.

Lightning is nearly instantaneous.

I have some things for you.


I think this translation is incorrect.

Dan believed in Linda's innocence.

I'm not eating this.


Toft is the love of my life.

This evening I have seen Jupiter accompanied by three fixed stars, totally invisible by their smallness. . . . The planets are seen very rotund, like little full moons.

Maybe you know where my books are?

Does Earnie ever get violent?

We heard someone go upstairs.

Audrey put his drink down.

Do you think Erik is still up?

She continued with the work.

My life has become a treadmill, and I need a break.


I will stop you.

I had a similar problem when I lived in Boston.

I'm trying to get used to driving on the left side of the road.

Opposite there is a six-story building.

Vivek described the scenes.

She decorated the wall with pictures.

Lui stared at his hands.

You can't ride a horse.

A mother rabbit keeps her babies warm with her own body.

I stopped and stared at him.

It took me some time to persuade her.


I swear to God nothing happened!

Happiness is always with you. You don't have to go somewhere far away for it. It is here - in a quiet solitary room.

My biggest problem is deciding what I should wear.


You have things backwards.

I know him, but you don't.

Nobody came to work today.

Do you think that's funny?

Suzan doesn't have to pretend with me.


He felt great affection for his sister.

He stumbled on the stump.

In olden times, football was popular in both Greece and Rome.


Ilya has a lot to learn.

I know I can fix it.

Stan's not so good at math.

It'll be opening time, time I get down there.

I had to get out of Boston quickly.

With his muscular constitution he passes for a judoist.

The fire's blazing nicely now.


Around him, in the carriage, the other passengers rocked and swayed.

I'll put this back where it belongs after I finish using it.

It looked almost impossible for him to finish his book.


I'm the one who gave you that.

I'm here to kill you.

Save your strength.

Hy attached some twine to the kite.

Anthony and Thierry took turns taking the dog for a walk.


I wish Nathaniel all the best.

A person who makes an easy matter sound difficult does not seem to be so smart.

I'm over thirty.

If anyone has a better idea, I'd like to hear it.

I want some water.

What form of transport will we take?

It would be wise of you to save money for a rainy day.

What's there to do?

I'll go to the park with you if you want me to.


Whatever happens, you're never going to find out.

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You will not be harmed.

Win had to go to Boston with Tracy.

I visited Kushiro for the first time.

Rajarshi refused to help Jianyun escape.

Thad said he doesn't feel well.

Kylo asked us to leave him alone.

She tried to break her child of the habit of lying.


You are quite a man.

Janos fell and scraped his knee.

If you see Luis, please tell him I'm looking for him.

Where can we find what we need?

There are downsides to being pretty.


I have the knack for learning languages.

When can I use my telephone?

Did you have a nice walk?

There is a sewing machine and an ironing board in the room where Herbert used to sleep.

I guess that's possible.

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I could have died tonight.

Billie certainly was embarrassed.

Paola thought it was strange.


Find out where Stagger is.

I'm aware of what is at stake here.

What sound does a sheep make?

Valeria's book is on that old and terrible blue table.

Happy 4th of July!

Hey, are you really going to work at eight tomorrow?

I hope you get well soon.

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Who's taking responsibility for this problem?

You saw the pictures, didn't you?

I asked him point-blank.


Denis should ask Ernie how to do it.


Sangho had to go there.

Dion is arrogant.

Mario saw Benson working.


You'll change your mind.

This may be correct.

Could you keep an eye on him?

I've waited a long time.

His victory at this age in an international competition is a good indication of a bright future.

Brandy is still in love with Rich.

Due to the early onset of winter this year, authorities are forecasting shortages of heating oil.

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The dog barked at the stranger.


I just want to let you know that I'll be late tomorrow morning.


This is my treat.


The titles might correspond.

Don't spend more than you earn.

The teacher said to everyone: "Our wedding is starting now."

His new novel is based on his own experiences.

When was Alexis killed?

Now listen, sir. You won't find a better price. This I promise you!

You need to take this seriously.


You'll have to proportion your expenditure to your income.

Danzig is a Polish town.

Is this wine from Argentina?

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Tovah wants to be a famous baseball player.

The lie sounds good, but I'd like to listen to the sheer truth.

It can be dangerous.

Roland corrected it.

Dan noticed that there were cops all around him at the petrol station.

She has a nice body.

Gary was standing at the end of the line.

Edmund and Miles adopted a girl.

He loved me, but he doesn't love me anymore.


I don't have anything to do.

If he studied hard, he would pass the test.

There is no new sun.

I need Sergeant in my life.

I am proud of my son.

Fasten the rope to the tree.

He is learning French in order to earn more money.

Um, there's something I want to ask you about.

The boy passed the time by flinging stones into the lake.


We know what this means to Anne.