Facebook Introduction

There is no doubt that all of your friends are registered on social network called Facebook. So do you want to stick together them but don’t know how? The following instructions will step-by-step help you how to post inscriptions on your friends’ walls in a moment.

Facebook is considered to be the biggest social network on the internet. At the moment Facebook contains nearly 70 million abusers. With Facebook you can find people and communicate with them as well as share photos and videos. On top of this, usage of Facebook for business networking becomes popular with many people.

The majority of companies with online availability prefer to employ Facebook for their professional purposes. Specially for this kind of users, Facebook provides RSS feeds and Twitter. Moreover Facebook is a platform for numerous online marketing strategies, and therefore users can visit other websites using their Facebook logins and passwords.

Recently Facebook brought in an exclusive offering – Fan Pages. However they are more intended for particular content instead of personal or entertaining meaning. The title “Fan Pages” does not have to mean that these pages are devoted to some kind of rock band or screen actor. Fan Pages can be also designed for anything, including online storages. The number of businesses that use Fan Pages to attract users is constantly increasing with greater and greater force.

Useful Hints

1. During registration input your crucial e-mail in order to receive announcements.
2. Make sure of customizing your personal options.
3. Set your photographs and personal information with awareness as your boss can visit your page.
4. Find you existing friends; however don’t forget to search for you old acquaintance, classmates, and etc.
5. Enjoy using this social network.


1. Go to www.Facebook.com
2. Input your first and last name
3. Input your e-mail and password (password should consist of both characters and numbers)
4. Choose your gender
5. Indicate your date of birth
6. Press Signup button
7. Visit your e-mail that you had denoted before
8. Open the letter received from Facebook
9. Click on the confirmation link to prove registration.

From this moment you can start to search for your friends.

Input Profile Information

In the case if you have freshly registered your profile and already affixed friends, you will see the Info bookmark. In the event if you logged out before customizing your profile, go to View than Edit Profile in order to input profile information.

1. Input your initial information
2. If you refuse your year of birth to be shown, than choose Show only month and date from the box beneath the birthday section
3. In bookmarks Education, Personal, and Contact Information input the proper data
4. If you would like to hide a particular information, than do not input it in the blank
5. Before proceeding to the next part, by all means, click on the Save Changes button after you have finished this
6. To set up your avatar push the Upload Profile Picture button and indicate the path to the photo you would like to be displayed
7. Tell something interesting about yourself in Write Something about yourself section
8. In order to save this profile information snap on the Done Editing button after you have fully completed its filling


Toolbar was created to simplify navigation through 224-257-9756.

You may click on Facebook Button every time you would like to return to homepage. Several bookmarks situated at the top of the page will ease your traveling through your page. On default there are five bookmarks that appear after signup.

1. News Feed. This bookmark informs you about all events related to actions of your friends, such as when they leave new posts and writes on walls, or add new friends. Besides you are able to filter the quantity of news that you obtain.
2. Status Update. This bookmark let you know about statuses that your friends post.
3. Photos. This bookmark images photo albums that your friends have. However you are able to browse only those albums that are allowed by users in accordance to privacy settings.
4. Posted Items. This bookmark notifies you about all messages posted by your friends.
5. Live Feed. This bookmark informs you about your friend’s actions, such as new friends they have added, status they have set, and members of what group they have become.

Moreover you are able to add bookmarks to taste. So as to do it, you need to:

1. Click on the cursor at the rightmost of the bookmarks
2. Choose the suitable feeds that you want to be imaged on your bookmarks from the dropdown list box.

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You can view or edit your profile information whenever you want. In order to do it you just need to click on the Profile button. A profile is a site for sharing information (messages, photos, etc.) with your friends. At Facebook you can make your profile public accessible so that every user could browse your page or limit your profile so that only friends could visit your personal space. In addition you are able to detect people who have visited your profile. You can also prohibit displaying of exact information for specific friends.

On default there are 4 tabs displayed on your page. They are:

1. Wall – shows text or graphical messages left by your friends. In order to quickly answer them you can use Wall-to-Wall.
2. Info – maps your profile information. In order to edit it, use Edit Information
3. Photos – images photos that you have
4. Videos – shows video clips that you have

Additionally, you are able to append extra tabs:

1. Snap on the “+” button at the rightmost edge of the tabs
2. Choose the appropriate applet from the dropdown list box.


Friends are those people, who are situated in your list of friends; they can observe your profile, see your current status, and obtain information about you from news feed. In order to search for friends, add them or invite to join Facebook, go to Friends  bookmark. Usually majority of users agree to add new friends to the list of contacts if they know them in real-life. Before you gain access to the profile information of someone, you need to “offer him a friendship” and only after his agreement you will be able to do it.


In order to read private messages received from your friends, as well as write them, click on Inbox button. Messages are used in the case when people want to personally communicate with each other.

1. In order to write a message use Compose New Message from the Inbox menu
2. Input name of a receiver, subject, and the substance of your message
3. Press Send button to mail a message
4. In order to read received messages, choose View Message

Search for Friends and Add Them

Since you are a member of Facebook you can see the Find Friends button on the right, click on it in order to find and add friends.

You can search for friends who are registered on this website by imputing friend’s name, or similar attribute (college, job, and etc.)

1. In order to find a friend who is recorded on Facebook, input his/her name in the Search field and push the Enter button.
2. Use Friend Finder in order to find your colleague or classmate. You will be directed to the page titled “The Find People You Know on Facebook”. You will see a catalog of schools and employers in the Search for People part. Snap on the employer or school you are interested in.
3. You will see people who coincide with the criteria you are looking for.
4. Press Add as Friend in order to annex person to your list of friends.
5. Use Add a Personal Message in the case if you want to write him a personal message.
6. After this procedure notification e-mails will be sent to each of people you would like to add. After their approvement you will see them in your friends list.

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1.  Input your e-mail and password
2. Snap on Find Friends.

Take into account that if you use e-mail applications that are web-based, you will be referred to your e-mail provider in order to input password straight on their website. Thus, the majority of e-mail providers call for your agreement that gives Facebook an admission to your e-mail.

3. Mark each friend you would like to add or press Select All Friends to select all friends on the screen. In order to move on to the next list of friends snap on the Skip button.
4. Use Add as Friends to affix marked friends.
5. After this procedure notification e-mails will be sent to each of people you would like to add. After their approvement you will see them in your friends list.


In order to find people who you communicate with via instant messenger use Find Friends You Instant Message.

1. Choose the appropriate messenger, whether Windows Live Messenger or AIM
2. Input your name and AIM password
3. Press the Find Friends button

Some internet pagers may direct you to their instant message website and require inputting your password on their page. Majority of e-mail providers demand your agreement that gives Facebook an admission to your instant message profile.

4. The result of search displays all people who you chat with and are signed up on Facebook website.
5. Mark each friend you would like to add.
6. Press Select All Friends to select all friends on the screen.
7. In order to move on to the next list of friends snap on the Skip button.
8. Use Add as Friends to affix marked friends.
9. After this procedure notification e-mails will be sent to each of people you would like to add. After their approvement you will see them in your friends list.

Search for Friends Using the People You May Know Method

Facebook takes part in finding your friends, showing you people from the high school, college, working place, and networks identical with yours and who have mutual friends.

7. You can see the list of possible friends on the Find People You May Know page.
8. Snap on the X button to the right of the probable friend’s name if you do not want to see this person in the list of Find People You May Know page.
9. Press Add as Friend in order to annex person to your list of friends.
10. Use Add a Personal Message in the case if you want to write him a personal message.
11. After this procedure notification e-mails will be sent to each of people you would like to add. After their approvement you will see them in your friends list.

Accepting Friends

In the case if somebody attaches you as a friend, you can choose either agree or disagree. After your assent, “somebody” gains access to your personal profile. If you customized the appropriate settings you will receive announcement about it in the form of e-mail. You will also see “You Have [#] Friend Request” inscription in the right side of your profile page.

1. Snap on You Have [#] Friend Requests to see people who want to add you.
2. Use Add Friend in order to append this person to your list of friends.
3. From this moment he is your Facebook friend who has an access to your profile data and you will be given summary of news about him.
4. In the case if you do not want to be friends with the person who sends you friend request, use Ignore button and s/he will not be informed about dropping.


If you decided to remove a person from your friends list, go to Friends, than go to View All Friends  and snap on this person.

1. Scroll down to the lower part of this figure’s page and use Remove from Friends button at the left side.
2. Confirm the removal of this person by pressing Remove Friend button.


This website can be also used for photo exchange. Moreover you can customize privacy settings for each one of your photograph albums. As soon as you submit a new album, you will see the Photo bookmark on your page.

1. Go to Photo bookmark in order to browse your current photo albums. You can also use Photo emblem, situated in toolbar, in order to sight them.
2. You will see all uploaded photos, as well as photos on which you were marked.
3. In order to add a new album use Create Album.
4. Give a name to it, comment it and customize privacy options.
5. In order to save this album, snap on Create Album knob.
6. Mark photos that will be included in this album.
7. In order to upload selected photos, use Upload button.
8. Snap Album Privacy in order to customize privacy options.
9. After uploading albums you will see them on the screen.
10. Mark friends who will be able to observe your album.
11. Use Save Settings to finish the procedure.

Adding Notes

Facebook allows you to create notes which can be read by your friends. On top of this you can bring in presented blog into notes. As soon as you post a note, you will see Notes bookmark on your page.

1. Use Notes emblem to enter the Notes section. You can also enter it through toolbar.
2. Press My Notes.
3. Use Write a Note in order to post a new note.
4. Name this note and compose the body.
5. Select friends that will be involved in this note.
6. Choose the accessibility of this note in the privacy options.
7. To save the sketch without posting this note, snap on Save Draft.
8. Use Preview for pre-screening this note before posting it.
9. To finish this procedure snap Publish.

Customizing Privacy Options of Your Profile

1.  In order to adjust privacy settings of your page, use the Privacy  button.
2. You can choose one of the three types of privacy options among Only Friends, My Networks and Friends, or Friends of Friends.
3. In the case if you want to hide the particular information from particular people, click on the Customize button in the related section of information.
4. To restrict a specific album from undesirable viewing, snap Edit Photo Album Photo Settings. Mark friends who are able to observe a particular album. Use Save Settings to finish.
5. You can also determine what information about you is accessible for a particular friend. In order to find out it, input this person’s name in the field named “See How a Friend Sees Your Profile”.
6. To finish snap the Exit button.
7. Snap the Save Changes knob when you have completed setting up your privacy options.

Customizing Search Privacy

Here you are able to supervise people who can find you through the search engine.

1. You can set your search privacy options if you do not want searching results to show your profile to every user of Facebook.
2. In order to choose particular networks that will be able to observe your page, click on Customize and choose particular networks.
3. Go to Search Result Content part to adjust the information that will be available on search result when somebody inputs your name in Search engine.
4. In the case if you would like to let people who are not in your friends list to see your friends, confirm that the My Friends list choice is preferred.
5. You can also refuse your presence in searching process beyond this website, disabling the Create a Public Search Listing choice. Additionally, you will not be listed in the Public Search if your age is lower than 18 years.
6. Snap the Save Changes button when you have completed setting up your search privacy options.

Blocking people

You can block people and they won’t be capable to find you by means of Searching or Find Friends engine.

1. In the block field input names of people who you want to be blocked.
2. You will see matched names according to the name that you have entered in Block field.
3. Use Block Person in order to choose displayed people for blocking.
4. From this moment all people you have blocked will be in the list of blocked people. You can observe it on your Privacy bookmark.
5. In order to take away the block status from a person, use the Remove button near this person’s name.

Setting News Feed and Wall Privacy

You can adjust the particular information to be shown related to your activity on Facebook. In order to do it use the Set Feed and Wall Privacy bookmark. On default settings your friends receive notifications in news feed section when you comment a photo, write on a wall, add new friends, update your status, log off, or post messages on a message board. In order to disable notifications of one or some of the listed functions, you need to adjust this bookmark.

1. Go to News Feed and Wall.
2. Disable the items of information that you want to exclude on the feeds of your friends.
3. In order to adjust your Social Advertisement options, go to Social Ads. In the case if you want to except your presence in Social Advertisement, choose no one setting.
4. Snap the Save Changes knob when you have completed setting up your News Feed and Wall bookmark.

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Networks allow you to communicate with people from your home town, who studied with you at the same college, school, or university, and etc. You can consist in up to 5 networks with 1 set as a primary. The primary is allocated beneath your name. In addition Facebook utilizes the main network to grade the searching results. In order to join a specific network you must register your profile using an e-mail applicably related to a particular institution. For instance, you must use college e-mail or to become a member of your school network you must use school e-mail, be accepted or attracted by any member of this network. Important note, you can change your district network two times every 2 months.

1. Go to Account Settings from the Setting section.
2. Snap on Network and you will see all current networks in which you consist.
3. Input the city, college, area, or place of employment in the searching field.
4. Choose an appropriate network you want to unite with and press Join Network.

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At Facebook you can join groups based on the same believes or likings such as community for persons who go to the same house of worship, or like the same music, and etc. It is important to note that there are business groups that will help you with professional purposes. You can consist in up to three hundred groups. In addition you can form your own groups.

1. Snap on the Groups emblem situated on the toolbar.
2. You will see the Group page, on which the groups that you are part of and your friends’ groups are shown.
3. In order to become a member of a group that your friends belong to, choose it and then press Join Group.
4. From this moment you are a part of this group.
5. To search for a desirable group, input a content word related to this group in the searching field.
6. You will see matched groups according to the keyword that you have entered.
7. In order to join a group, use the Join Group button.

Creating a group

If there is no existing group that you would like to join or you could not have found it, than you can create a group devoted to particular interests.

1. Snap on the Groups emblem on the toolbar.
2. You will see the Group page, on which the groups that you are part of and your friends’ groups are shown.
3. Use the Create a New Group knob in order to form a new group.
4. Give a name to this group (title should explain the idea of this group)
5. Choose the type of Network for it. In the case if you want to make this group generally accessible, choose Global. In the case if you want to make this group accessible for a specific network only, choose the Network.
6. In the description field compose a short explanation of this group.
7. Choose the category of this group in order to simplify the searching process for other users.
8. Input fresh news, office, e-mail, street and town.
9. To create this group, snap the Create Group knob.
10. Since that moment you will see Customize Groups bookmark on your page.
11. Snap on the Browse knob and choose a picture for your group.
12. Input the webpage address for this community.
13. Mark settings that you want to enable.
14. Choose the appropriate Level of Access. In the case if you choose Open, any person is able to become a member of your group without your authorization. If you choose Close, the approvement will be necessary for becoming a member of your group.
15. Save changes by pressing the Save knob.
16. From this moment you will see The Members bookmark.
17. In order to attract new members, input their names in the Invite Member field.
18. Input invitation letter.
19. Snap on the Send Invitations knob in order to send letters.

Changing Your E-mail, Password, and Safety Question

The Account bookmark allows you to change e-mail, password, input credit card, and other managerial functions. In order to enter the My Account page, go to Settings and then choose Account Settings. In order to simplify the process of indentifying friends, Facebook makes use of Former Name field. In the case if you replace your e-mail address, you must employ a new address that is not attached to another Facebook profile.

1. Snap the Settings bookmark.
2. Press Change close to the information that is necessary to be changed.
3. Input new data.
4. Snap the Change knob.


You can use your credit card for buying ads and presents. There is no need to input credit card code except the case when you pay for mentioned services.

1. Snap on the Setting bookmark.
2. Choose the Credit Card part and snap on Manage.
3. Input credit card data.
4. Save changes by clicking on the Save button.

Deactivating Your Account

You can temporarily deactivate your account until the moment you will activate it again. In order to reactivate your profile, you need to log in by means of your old e-mail and password. However you will lose the membership to all groups after deactivating.

1. Snap on the Setting bookmark.
2. In the Deactivate Account part, choose Deactivate.
3. Confirm the deactivation and point reasons for this act.
4. Input the security code shown in the box.
5. Press the Deactivate knob.

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The wall is the first thing that flaring when someone visits your profile. In order to observe your wall, snap the Profile bookmark. You are able to write updates on it so are your friends. Moreover you can post objects in the form of pictures or videos on your wall.

Status Updates inform your friends about new events associated with you through news feed.

1. Input your status update.
2. Snap the Post knob.
3. Updates will be directed to your friends’ news feeds. Status update will be also displayed in the chat window and beneath your name.
4. Snap the Clear button next to your present status to clear it.


You have an ability to interact with your friends via wall-2-wall function. Do not forget that your posted messages can be read by friends of a person on whose wall you have written even if your privacy settings related to news feed prohibit notification about your writing on a wall activity.

1. Open your friend’s profile page.
2. Input your message in the Wright field.
3. In order to leave the message on the wall, snap on the Post knob.

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Here you can share links with your friends.

1. Input the link in the Share a Link field.
2. Snap on the Preview knob.
3. The short description about the website will be displayed.
4. In order to cancel this operation, snap Remove.
5. You can choose, to show the graphical description of this website or not to show.
6. Comment the link.
7. Snap on the Post knob.

Sending a Gift

You can make a present to your friend purchasing it for credits. These credits can be bought at the price of one dollar for a hundred credits. In order to purchase presents you need to make use of your credit card. However you can give free presents that are obtainable in the capacity of promotion activities.

1. Snap on the Gift emblem available on the toolbar.
2. Choose a gift of your kind (you will see how much credits this gift requires)
3. In the Recipient field input the person’s name you want to send a gift to.
4. Input the way of delivery.
5. Use the Continue knob.
6. In the case if you do not have the required amount of credits for purchasing this gift, purchase more credits, snapping on the Buy Gift Credits.


At this website you can also interact via Poke a Friend tool. By means of pokes you are able to say hello to your friend.

1. Open your friend’s profile page.
2. Snap on Poke beneath their avatar.
3. You will see a verification message.
4. Confirm poke by snapping on the Poke knob.
5. They will see the notification that you poked them after logging into their profile.


By the virtue of Facebook Chat you are able to communicate with people. You can check how many friends are online by clicking on the Friends Online knob situated in the low right part of the page.

1. A green point close to a friend indicates that s/he is active, while moon signify that the friend is currently out.
2. In order to chat with a friend, snap on his/her name.
3. You will see the Chat Window.
4. In order to send a message that you have typed, push the Enter button.
5. You will see your friend’s answer within the same window.
6. Snap on the X emblem situated in the upper right edge of the screen when you are going to finish a conversation.

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