I'll have none of it.

Don't pull such a sour face!

I'm the one who wants to be with you.

Djibouti is a less developed country.

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Rajiv had a hard time finding work.

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Who was the coach?

This is the doctor whom I spoke of last night.

Barbra went to the lake.


It could be fatal.

Rajesh's condition worsened.

The signal at the intersection didn't increase the number of the traffic accidents in the city.

We are both to blame.

You are not to neglect your duty.

Are you sure there's nothing more you can do?

I lost my job on Monday.


To change the flag, click on the flag icon and choose the correct language.

You're a horrible singer.

If you get invited to your first orgy, don't just show up naked.

That's the last thing Tolerant is thinking about.

Please tell Loren to hurry.

He wasn't that kind of person.

You don't have an alibi for the day of the murder.

Please take off your shirt.

I saw Shin'ichi in Kakogawa yesterday.

At least tell them how you feel.

I can't believe I'm writing this sentence.


Digits are to numbers what letters are to words.

Send Jussi a message.

Kit sat on the steps talking to a girl named Axel.

Most of us love our country.

We both knew the risks.

My father put a fence around the garden.

Don't answer that.


Joseph wasn't drowning.

Would you like to do the honors?

Today I've seen tens of gloomy angry faces glancing at me.

I just hope Rajesh is OK.

Don't write on the books stored in library

Your nickname is quite lovely.

I wrote one.

Yesterday, I went to sleep at ten o'clock.

You have, no doubt, heard of our company.


That has fallen out of style.

Why are these people here?

Do everything according to the cookbook.

We chose John to be captain.

Where did you boil them?

That boy displayed no fear.

"Why did you try to escape from me? I brought you into this world and I could just as easily take you out of it." "You can't tell me what to do. I am my own freaking boss, I play by my own freaking rules. I take instructions from nobody, not even the enclosed instruction book."

I was just going to express an opinion, when he cut in.

You must switch off the power before checking the circuit.

This is what I've always wanted to do.

They needed to make a decision - an immediate decision.


Didn't Kathleen tell you I was dying?


Let them come in.

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My boss assigned the hard job to me.


You and I have something in common.

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There's no wind tonight.


It was just as you suspected.


Let me explain that.

The child possessed a good knowledge of the customs of his adopted country.

This is my seat.

There was an old castle to the east of the town.

Pierce's knees buckled.


It's a new year.

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I hope my car passes inspection.

Now folks, let's go on.

You're supposed to be in school.

Nathaniel baited the hook.

I want to visit the Amazon forest just to see Native Americans.

Around 20% of Spaniards today have direct patrilineal descent from Sephardic Jews.

The questions will not take long, and everything would be kept completely anonymous.

She urged him to drive carefully.

You may rest assured that we shall do all we can.


I am very pleased to see you again.

The first baseman is the Achilles heel of our team.

One could not guess that the setting of that film was Australia's Great Barrier Reef.


I hope I'm not making a mistake.


In a family you can find: a grandfather and a grandmother, a father and a mother, a son and a daughter, a grandson and a granddaughter, further a brother and a sister, an uncle and an aunt, a nephew and a niece, a boy cousin and a girl cousin.

They want Saul.

I never asked them.

I don't like to guess.

I wanted to say hello to him.

I got good grades when I was in college.

I don't have an account at that branch of Tokai Bank.

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There is always the risk of losing all the data on your hard disk.

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I don't know whether the story is true or not.

Who hired her?

Narendra is lying in bed, fast asleep.


Few politicians admit their mistakes.

I take my dog for a walk, rain or shine.

The highway runs parallel to the river.

I guess it can't be helped.

I had just put it before you ask me to.

Toby is kind of freaked out about that.

Some are red and others are white.

He admitted that he stole the gold.

The artists pledged to contribute all his property to charity.

As is usual with him, he arrived a quarter of an hour late.

I get along quite well now with my new cane.


Shankar is well dressed.

The lunar month is shorter than the calendar month.

Where did you slice them?

He failed to come up to our expectations.

The cat was scared by an unfamiliar noise.

I have no questions.

The hospital was barred from doing business for three years.

Do you think you can help her?

She gave him money as well as food.

Men whose mothers had breast cancer run a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

There've been no injuries.

He opened a newspaper and covered the dead child.

Ned can't seem to understand what we're saying.

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All right. I'll take it.

I'm sick and tired of his lack of taste.

Progress is a lovely word. But its driving force is change, and change has its enemies.

I recognized the actor the minute I saw him.

Norma signed his name with the pen Vadim had given him.

That's to me like a flower on lofty heights.

We need to know whether it's true or not.


They're quiet.

The art of writing is useful.

Dana works in a massage parlor.

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Manuel has visited Hungary.

Well, San Diego is where life's a beach!

Day after day I called on my sick friend.

Fred is a man of action.

Leo doesn't know that I'm Canadian.

Paul looked a little worried.

It's never fun to lose.

She shares a room with her sister.

I saw Tammy the other day.

Why don't you ask Barbra to help you?

Siping is the perfect man for the job.

I love her but she loves him.

Pantelis taught me how to drive.

He credits me with doing things I never thought of.

He drives a tow truck.


Please explain it more simply.

Not until the following morning did we see land.

For fear of an accident, my father doesn't drive.


Oww! Oww! Oww! The bath water is too hot.

I am bound to him by a close friendship.

Why are you so tired?


I've been in Boston.

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Victoria fell off the roof and broke three ribs.

The convenient thing about this electronic dictionary is that it's easy to carry anywhere.

In an essay similarly devoted to allegorical procedures in contemporary art, Buchloh discusses 6 women artists.


I was holding this for you.


Please compliment her on my behalf.

You should put an ice pack on your ankle to keep the swelling down.

Teri worked as a truck driver in Boston.

I can tell I'm going to like you.

Juliane said that he hadn't done it.

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He knew where he put his pen.

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Let's get together again next year.

Stephan didn't stay there long.

I can't go to the police.


I found the room empty.


William would've liked to go to Boston last weekend.

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I'm not hitting on you.


Vadim's hobby is geocaching.