Your parcel will be delivered directly to your doors! Money back guarantee for your shipment if it gets lost or in case of damaged.; You can choose from various shipping companies, track your package online, then pick it up at the post office or have it delivered via courier.; ● The safety of your personal data ● Quick Registration ● Free US Mailing Address ● Professional Packaging Service

Buying goods from any US Online store it's a simple and easy way to safe your time and money. However, not all US online stores offer international shipping and sometimes they may decline your credit card payment. We will solve these problems! Pack to Send Reshipment Company is a shipping service of your purchased goods from any store in the USA. Our target is to help our customers to buy goods while saving time and money. Our job is the fast delivery of your package to anywhere you want.

To make it happen we have many officers working with us in different countries as well as designed convenient website, also we have signed contracts with various shipping companies and created team of professional. We will help you to get your own personal address in the USA, the one you will need to use as your delivery address. Pack to Send Reshipment Company guarantees the safety of your personal data as well as we guarantee the safety of your goods. Our team will pack your goods in one package and ship it to where you want. Also we can offer you our additional insurance.

No matter where you are, goods from all over the world are now available at the tips of your fingers from your gadgets. Especially, online stores in the USA! First of all because prices are lower! Secondly, this is the best way to be stylish and original. And thirdly, in foreign online stores you can find different models, fabrics, colors, styles and sizes, that is why anyone can chose right any clothes, shoes, bags and accessorizes, presents for your family and friends. Just with one order many people can buy their whole wardrobe for few seasons.

USA Address

We provide you USA Shipping address, so you can use it to shop online, to receive parcels, letters, bank statements, documents, magazines and anything else you need.

International Package and Mail forwarding

Your package will be delivered to US address indicated by you (US Address provided to you after registration on our web-site), and we forward it to you.

Consultant and referral services

"Extension" of our Personalized Shopping service. Our team is ready to consult you about all sorts of questions (example - advises about shipping large items like a car or personal belongings overseas). We will assist you with all information you need and be ready to manage your personal business.


We provide insurance service for your parcel in case it is lost. Insurance can be chosen by the client voluntary by indicating it in New Shipment registration form of your Profile. The cost of Insurance is 2.5% of the declared value of the shipment.