He's not used to it.

I got a good seat.

We need to burn all these leaves.

Sometimes because of their atmospheres and sometimes because of the gases which surround them.

At best he'll get 1,000 votes.


There's someone waiting for you in your office.


He said that Interlingua would be a practical language.

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I want her to respect me.


Because she was cold, she turned on the stove.

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Cindie doesn't sound happy.

Heather asked after his father.

His new owner took him to a high cliff overlooking the sea, put a stone around his neck, tied a rope to one of his hind feet, gave him a push, and threw him into the water.

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I have to wake Real up soon.

I'd like to discuss some problems we've been having.

Allen can't stay here.

I slammed the door shut.

I'm going back to work.


Ask Shuvra to call me. He has my number.


Hunting game is forbidden in these tranquil woods.

We're very happy with the results.

There happened to be a train accident early that morning.

I am from Tokyo, Japan.

He cannot write English without making mistakes.

He is far from happy.

Mauve was initially called "Tyrian purple."

"God! Who elects these people?" "God, who elects these people."

Who's in charge of the sales section?

I have a lot more experience than Christie does.

It was a great performance.

If there are no taxis, we'll have to walk.

All the characters in this book are imaginary.


I'll be right here if you need me.

We have to pay taxes by March 15.

We are worried about you.

He entered the garden secretly.

Did you hear what he said?

What're you going to do after you catch Evelyn?

People with amputated limbs continue to feel them as if they were still there.


Do the dishes.

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My blood pressure is quite high.

I'm going to meet you there.

We are assembling the engine.

He promised to marry her.

How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy chapters involving quantum mechanics.

Has Lar made any progress?

That really made sense.


This is no trivial accomplishment.

He flew into a rage.

Would you introduce yourself?

This isn't food.

This is a Hebrew word and it means "friend".


Much as I admire him as a writer, I don't like him as a man.

Raanan unlocked his briefcase.

Could you lift that pan for me, then I'll put this mat under it.

I couldn't leave you alone.

I was very nervous.

Gary looks Chinese.

We can help you now.

I never meant to hurt them.

Oh? You can type without looking at the keyboard. That's cool!

Frank is competitive, isn't he?

Did you enjoy reading that book?


Were you feeling resistance?

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I'm willing to risk that.

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Pamela is beating Claude.

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If he wants to succeed at all, he must work harder.

I was just getting started.

I said come alone.

Rich climbed into bed and turned off the light.

Ross didn't come out of his room.


There's nowhere to run.


I don't have a couch in my office.

I'll stay a few more days.

I'm sorry, we're completely sold out.

Do you think something will happen?

Jock and Part are a lot alike.


Let's make a new start.


They live in peace.


Nobody was expecting that.

I warned you that Pilar was coming.

Toufic will be exposed.

She sang pretty well.

Vicky folded the letter and put it into the envelope.

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We are not rich.

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Stop smoking. You're addicted.


Keep fighting.


Petr is in terrible shape.


Will you pick out a tie for me?

I've got something of yours. Why don't you come here to get it back?

I'm blind.


Please fill the bath half full.

I think it's cruel to keep a cat indoors.

I barely made the train.

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There was not a single word of gratitude from them.


We got stuck in traffic.

Cleopatra was Julius Caesar's lover and they had a child called Caesarion, or "little Caesar".

No one is free from worldly cares.

Love is a temporary insanity curable by marriage.

The lack of a public sphere in Europe is being felt more and more.

It's very distracting.

Margie didn't ask for Pria's help.

I will labor in the cause of humanity.

All these things cost money.

I'm going to leave the library at six-thirty.

I've trained for this.

Vladislav has good communications skills.

I may do it yet.

Her life is free from care.

He is the one who took care of his wound.


It's impossible for me to be away from my wife for long.

I don't know whether he'll come.

Do you have a birthmark?


Emily is my best friend.

The country's political circumstances are going from bad to worse.

How did you guess that?

What he says has nothing to do with this problem.

That rumor spread quickly.


I want to buy a new pair of shoes.

Another universe is perhaps a different reality altogether...

Cows give their calves milk every morning.

They all knew her.

We don't want to go down that road, do we?

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Aunt Yoko is too weak to work.

Do you have anyone to look up to?

What's Kerry hanging around for?

Tell them I have a broken leg.

A ship's captain must remain observant that a reliable buoy be attached to each anchor by a sturdy rope, so that one could find and raise the anchor if its anchor-cable were to be shorn apart, were to fall into the sea or were to be hewn apart.

I'm not the one who makes the rules.

It is very expensive to keep up with the latest fashions.


You must be careful in crossing the street.

It left at two, reaching Rome at four.

I talked with Briggs.

Stop right there, Mitchell.

She finally read War and Peace.

This play has no humor in it.

I used to worry about everything, but now I don't.

We survived!

Arthur can't run very fast.

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Physical fitness requires time and dedication.

The line went dead.

We're close friends.

I've a patient. See you.

My wife is partial to apple pie.


Mick realized the problem.


There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as president.

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I talk to him more than you do.


Give me your shirt.

Would you like to go camping with us next weekend?

I've got urgent business.


I can't believe you did this to me.


You know you can talk to me.

They assemble typewriters.

Please give me a book.

I just heard you visited her.

Incidentally, I have to tell you something.

We look up to him as our teacher.

I wonder what it would take to get you to leave.