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Gotham Audio Studer C37 60HZ 1960’s
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I’m almost ashamed how long it’s taken to restore this super rare deck. The tech is again working on it and I hope to have it before the winter. Gotham Audio imported 6 of these American voltage C37’s. Here is a new photo sent today..I have my fingers crossed.
Vintage 40-50's - Zeiss, EMT, Vitavox
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I had been listening old blues and jazz (and symphonic music too). For stereo recordings and big band I use the Zeiss.
For mono recordings - old Vitavox and Shindo 300B.

1. System 1 (for stereo and big band)
EMT-930 (ortofon rma-229, ortofon rmg-309), DAC - Audio Note DAC5 Signature
Shindo Masseto + Zeiss Dominar L (1953) + ZEISS IKOVOX D (1953)
My monitor/subwoofer system
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This thread is a continuation of:

My minimonitor/subwoofer system

Already my last speakers, the Reference 3A MM DeCapo BE, were a little big to be called "minimonitors", and the current ones certainly are, given the substantial depth of the cabinet (see image below). Therefore I adjusted the title for this thread.

My system now features several major upgrades which I will discuss below...
Symphonic Line Kraft - Caesar's amps vs Burmester 911 on Magico, B&W
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Thanks to Caesar for bringing these superb 300w class A amps to my attention - he does do some good analysis with all those questions he asks. /zero-distortion.org/symphonic-line-kraft-vs-burmester-911/
5 Reference Turntables - My Step Beyond
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One of the things I have always loved about this hobby is how it has always not only allowed me to meet wonderful people over the years who also share the same passion for this hobby. Being retired has also provided that extra time to allow me to travel to places I would normally never get to. Such was the case over these past 5 days when I traveled to Cedar City, Utah to visit WBF member ddk...
Listening Room Of Steve Williams Pt. 2
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The History

Most of you are aware by now that I moved back to Southern California in July last year after a 20 year hiatus in the SF Bay Area. It was there that I built my "dream" sound room. That room measured 18' W x 31' L x 9-12' H (sloped ceiling which was 9 feet high at the window and 12 feet high at the inner wall). My system then consisted of both two channel set up as well as a home...
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