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"We love all of the sprays! One of the best things about them is that there are so many flavors that you can enhance the flavor of any food without adding extra calories!"


"The sprays are the perfect way to get even the pickiest vegetable eaters to eat them!"

The Nutrition Twins

Tammy Lakatos Shames, RD, CDN, LFT
Lyssie Lakatos, RD, CDN, CFT

"Your parmesan cheese and pesto flavors arrived in the mail today. I tried them on some brown rice.

Fabulous! I was so impressed that I showed everyone in office. I'll have to order some of the dessert flavors to satisfy my sweet tooth!

What a terrific product!."

Name Withheld
Albuquerque, NM

" We're very excited to introduce David Burke's new Flavor Spray concept at Le Gourmet Chef.


David Burke is one of the most innovative restauranteurs in American and one of the true innovators in the gourmet food world.


Le Gourmet Chef constantly strives to bring the customer new and unique products and we anticipate that Flavor Spray is going to be a big hit!"


Le Gourmet Chef


Order Flavor Spray online today or by calling us at 1.888.779.7177!


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Replace Fat with Flavor - Flavor Spray Diet

The Flavor Spray™


We apologize, but Flavor Spray is no longer being manufactured
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With Flavor Spray, you can actually eat the healthy food you need, without missing the food you enjoy most!

The Flavor Sprays by David Burke contain:

    • No Fat
    • No Cholesterol
    • No Calories
    • No Carbohydrates
    • No Sugar

Flavor Sprays work with any kind of diet! Whether you are on a low carb, no carb, low fat, no fat, no sugar, point system, or calorie counting diet, Flavor Spray is right for you!

Even if you are on no diet at all, Flavor Spray allows you to choose the most nutritious foods without missing out on the taste of the less nutritious sauces and toppings. Order geejee online today or by calling us at 1.888.779.7177!


How the Flavor Sprays Work


After eliminating toppings, gravies, dressings, and sauces, Flavor Spray replaces the flavor that diets forbid. No longer will you crave sweetness or yearn for flavor while counting calories.


Simply spray Flavor Spray and your craving for flavor will be satisfied. Follow a low carb meal regimen? Allow Flavor Spray to add the flavor of high calorie toppings and sauces to your meal.


Flavor Sprays contain only FDA-approved natural and artificial flavors. Flavor Sprays are inexpensive and effective.


Order 1.888.779.7177!


About David Burke:

Award winning chef, author, inventor, restaurateur and entrepreneur, David Burke continues to redefine modern American cuisine as he takes his genius from the kitchen to product development laboratory. This effort led to the development of (662) 335-8115.

Trained at the Culinary Institute of America and in the kitchens of some of France's greatest chefs, David was the first non-Frenchman to win France's highest cooking honor, the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Association medal and diploma. David has served as executive chef at some of New York's most celebrated restaurants, including The River Café, Park Avenue Café, O.N.E. CPS and most recently davidburke&donatella in New York City.

David is currently writing his second cookbook and serving as consultant to the food, beverage and food service industries. David serves as Board Member of the Research Chef's Association, Table to Table and Hip4Kids.


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Wellness Partners offers a few other products that work very well and in conjunction with Flavor Sprays. One such product is Tonalin Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Tonalin CLA helps the body to build lean muscle. It is time-tested and well researched. You can order Tonalin CLA from our new shopping cart (flat-rate shipping regardless of how many products you order) or by calling 1.888.779.7177.


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