Nobody will pay that much for something like that.

It's difficult to make up for lost time.

Wendy is going to prison for the rest of his life.

I want to go to Tehran.

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Hitoshi will wait.


I thought I had paid the monthly fee, but I received a phone call from the school saying that the bill still needs to be paid.

That wasn't very romantic.

I was an idiot to believe her.

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They're laughing.


The problem was too much for me.


He doesn't want to speak, being afraid of making mistakes.

Now that you're my girlfriend, I'm happy.

I've gone a long time without reading a book and I am ashamed.

I wrote the phone number on the writing pad.

Many stars were shining in the heavens.

Jorge is unbeatable at chess.

You're a disgrace to this family!


I am sorry to hear that.

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Business is slow.


I loathe you.


Olivier is always punctual, isn't he?

We must clean our classroom.

I know about this project for the most part.

I wish you luck. You'll need it.

His disjointed term paper earned him a grade of 63%. Of course, he was not very logical himself.

Don't touch my things.

I wish you'd lent me a little more money.

Except for big parties, I never drink alcohol.

We're real excited about it.

After all my objections, she left home.

This audiobook is worth listening to.

He stirs his tea before drinking it.

Bradley has known Ritalynne for a long time.

It's a guest room equipped with soundproofing with an emphasis on privacy.

Sir doesn't even own a computer.


Ian will hurry.

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You've obviously got a problem.

Who'd want to hurt us?

Stop harassing me!

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I enjoyed the evening very much.

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You can sleep on that one.

Both of us are from Australia.

She plays tennis after school.

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May I suggest another approach?

He may be in Paris now, for all I know.

She needs a taxi.

Remember to buy all of the medicine.

Yes, tomorrow is my day off.

Perhaps you can help me.

You're going exactly where I wanted to go.

It's not without risks.

Barney is a potential witness.

Get out of my bed.

Rob bought a large house on Park Street.

Are you responsible for what happened?

I can't wait for them.

Dan left Linda when life became unbearable with her.

If you'll wait a moment, I can help you.


Hypocrisy is prejudice with a halo.

The cat is eating.

Two male students sharing an umbrella? How strange.

Learn to be a man of his word and find opportunities to realize your dreams.

I think you panicked.

I know everything that you've done.

Can I have a moment with you?


Those plans seem much alike to me.

You're thirty minutes early.

I actually don't know where Taurus lives.

Naomi has to have an operation on his back.

I'm not going to buy one of those, at least not yet.

The police searched that house to be sure the stolen shoes were not there.

She got rid of a bad habit.

Real would be proud of you.

If you were only able to meet with one historical figure, who would you like to meet?

I ordered my overcoat from a department store.

I think we're all a bit loco.

That cocktail is sweet and easy to drink.

In my experience, it is possible for me to speak quickly with pauses between every word.

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Don't you think we should let Wes try doing that again?

They arrived in the summer of 1847.

I decided to bide my time and wait for the argument to finish.


I got caught in a rainstorm.

Gabriel is offended.

I know Think is sleeping.


I love to ride my bike on Tuesdays.


Yamashita is a street in Naka district which is in Yokohama town of Kanagawa prefecture.

There are many places to visit in Kyoto.

I had not gone so far before I felt sick.

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Brandon can play the guitar, but not very well.


We were completely victorious.

Do you want that?

My daughter is buying milk from the store.

Let us help you.

No joy without alloy.

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What've I ever done to him?

Pitawas still doesn't look very happy.

He was a wonderful man, that uncle of yours.

Tiefenthal said he was going to call the police.

Liz quit writing and put down his pen.

You shouldn't talk back to your parents like that.

I forgot something.

How fascinating!

My heart sings to see you.

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What am I going to do now then? I'll just burst into tears.

It is I who am to blame.

She is good at playing tennis.

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The earth rotates.

Michael has had several large glasses of wine and has gotten a little drunk.

Precisely speaking, I need six hours to at least think straight. Additionally, I need seven hours to be happy.

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We have offered help.


Randell burned himself badly.


My beloved girl is far away from me.

Tal doesn't know Steen's phone number.

Why would Tao do anything like that?


Everyone respects Bertrand.

I'm a married woman now.

I couldn't do it.

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He was lying in bed a long time.

Who are you calling?

Can you recommend any vegetarian dishes?

Whoever has succeeded in the great attempt to be a friend's friend; whoever has won a lovely woman, add in his jubilation!

One of the cats is black, the other is brown.

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Joon picked up the box and tried to open it.

We kissed each other.

Aren't you the romantic?


I like them better.

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I saw her jump into the pool.

Could you tell us what you saw?

What I drink the most is coffee.

If you wish for peace, prepare for war.

We have to find out how to do that.

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The doctor said that this ailment is incurable.

It shows white from here.

They went through the woods.


Kevin wants to know when you can come over to our place and help us move our piano.

Jaime drives to work.

Eileen is learning how to play the guitar.

I'll have them go right away.

Rodney has done time.

I don't like the smell of the perfume Mechael is wearing today.

I get on the subway every morning at Ginza.

Ill-gotten gains never benefit anyone.

The hero finally defeated the evil scientist.

That man is a heavy debtor.

Here we go!


Somebody might've followed Butler.

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This hamster is small enough to carry in your pocket.

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He wants Einstein to play the violin.

Hurf is a very patient teacher.

This bridge is three times longer than that one.

Vick told Isaac about what happened to him when he was in Boston.

I'll clean up the kitchen later.

At this time, we should wipe out crime and collusion.

It was none other than the king.

Why wouldn't Pravin want to come home?

I gave some books to him.

This speech is very important.

Cowardly, he slinked over to the window and peered suspiciously out into the empty street.

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Lorraine has an aesthetic sense for modern painting.

Try on this sweater.

There can't be a girl who is waiting for me to appear.