We'll meet you at the gate.

He cooked meals for himself when his wife was sick.

Terri had two choices.

The neighbors say that Lui beats her husband.

This old car is always broken.

It just so happened that Mr Yamada came from the same town.

I just don't want to do that right now.

It's food.

The drug addict had to undergo rehabilitation.

She's not coming back.

Josip doesn't give up.

My older sister is good at typing.


That dog made for me.

Tatoeba needs more test sentences.

I am going to introduce you to the rest of the crew.

You aren't responsible for that mess.

I'll take my chances with you.

I think I'll always love Marilyn.

She would benefit from a visit.

Can you tell barley and wheat apart by just quickly looking at it?

Sriram loves Deb and she loves him.


Mac has money. However, he's not all that happy.


That's really cool.

He didn't tell a lie. As a matter of fact, he told the whole truth.

I guess we're not on the same wavelength.


Aaron hid things from me.

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More than a few don't eat anything in the morning.

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I'm going to want to talk to Suresh.


You can't hide the fact from her.


What makes you think I can do it?

It is very important to tell the necessary from the unnecessary.

By the time you arrive, all arrangements will have been made.

"Do you speak French?" "Not very well."

Hello guys, I'm Francisco and I'm here with Trent.

It was a difficult problem to solve.

People were told to stay indoors because of the violence in the streets.


Are you going to kill him?


That's how I feel sometimes.

Reid and Kyung don't often do things together.

John died two years ago in a plane crash.

I was awake most of last night.

You need to wear a tie there.


Konstantinos is a reporter.

The moon lights the way.

He returned home a moment ago.

Censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four-letter word itself.

This is a true story. A woman was admitted to a reputed obstetrics clinic to give birth.

This is not the America I know and love.

This movie is highly recommended.

I need Seth to vouch for me.

There are four seasons in a year, and the one I like most is summer. How about you?

If you wish to kill Simon's enemy, I'm prepared to throw away my life.

Reservations are necessary.

We hurried for fear we should be late for school.

I always go to the beach.


It's dangerous!

He felt the pricks of conscience.

She is rich, but she isn't happy.

There's little to do.

Tad made us do our homework before dinner.

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He died a soldier's death in the battle in the cause of democracy.

I'm going to do my best.

It can go either way.

She gave her seat to a senior citizen.

We found the boy fast asleep.

I guess I'll have to try harder.

The Higgs boson has been called the God particle.

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Do you like North Americans?

I've enjoyed good health all my life.

I never know what to say to people who have absolutely no grasp of the basic facts and are too ignorant to realise it.

It used to be that a girl could only marry if she had a dowry.

This book is translated into 36 languages and has been published in more than a 100 countries all over the world.


Who will tell whether one happy moment of love, or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies?


If it wasn't a mouse, what was it?

You'll find the people here very kind.

I went to the doctor today

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I read the old documents.

He made a fine job of it.

Brad is a little defensive.

Vice used to help Brett with her homework.

Who sees my son's rose?


Do you have an empty room in this hotel?

He that will lie, will steal.

I know that hard work pays off.


Wake up, sleepy-head!

You don't look very well. Are you OK?

I'll put your name on the list.


We could use a tow.

From the menu-bar's "Reply" select "create follow-up message". The message you reply to is quoted.

She made me some eggnog.


I was wondering.

I won't be going to Boston on Monday.

Ilya nodded politely.


I'm not hungry yet.


Pedro was murdered in 2013.


His poor dog is still alive.


Let's get together again tomorrow evening.

Can I have a copy of it?

Does Scott have any family?

Nils seems to be enjoying all this.

It's our job to help you.

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Amedeo wiped the sweat from his forehead.


I move that these proposals be approved, and that action be taken as soon as possible.

I was still living with my parents then.

In the Hanshin earthquake, the ground shook for a long time.

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His unhappy childhood affected his outlook on life.


Please take a moment to locate the exit closest to you.

We won't tell anyone.

I'm having a bad feeling.

I never told anybody about it, I swear.

My father is bound for London.

The traffic rules are not often obeyed.

Thanks for letting me stay.

What made him mad?

He'll have to do this task again.


Sanjib doesn't speak.

I am afraid it is a reject.

Jinchao isn't in right now.

I guess it's pretty cool.

Which street should we start with?


Please bring us two cups of tea and one cup of coffee.

I long to experience the food and culture of my home.

You seem very happy.


If you used the time you spent complaining practicing your basketball, then maybe you would have stopped complaining a long time ago.

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When are you going to be done?

The trees looked black against the sky.

Chris injured his leg playing tennis and is in a lot of pain.

He knows how to make his wife happy.

If only I get a chance to see him.


I move around a lot.

What became of him?

It doesn't taste very good.

I can't trust anyone anymore.

Stick another stamp on the envelope.

Someone should look into this.

He left the office just now.


If two past lovers can remain friends, it's either because they are still in love, or they never were.

He isn't less clever than his brother.

Philippe was a big inspiration for me.

I've planned our route.

You haven't answered my question yet.

Can you really blame them?

It was inevitable.

I heard it, too.

Everyone began to laugh.


This hot spring is a great find.

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I need to talk to one of you.

Who are the people I saw her with?

I'm left-handed.

I'm quite tired.

I'll take my coffee black.

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Sanjeev doesn't eat red meat.

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Johnathan bought a couple of loaves of bread on his way home from work.

Do you know who took the call?

That's scary.

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Uh-oh! Dark storm clouds gather over the lake.

It is imperative that we find another way out of this situation.

Didn't you know that Eddy could play the guitar?


The house was very badly built.