I had difficulty working out the problem.

You ought to have come to my wedding reception earlier.

There was a strong likelihood of his succeeding.

I learnt Catalan very quickly.

Mind you don't slip on the wet tiles.

This is a business section of Tokyo.

What's the second most visited city in the world?


Will you go to Boston with us?

What's wrong with going to Boston by myself?

Irfan was writhing in agony.

I knew that she had drawn well in her childhood.

I do not need a loan anymore.

This poem was written last night.

I'd like to talk with Tony.

Bernard and Ric were sitting on the ground.

I explained to her what the matter was.


I will do it at the first opportunity.

Have you ever used a gun before?

Nora turned down the offer.


The news was suppressed for the time being.


I wouldn't want Art to think we're not taking his proposal seriously.


Stop screaming.

On August 19 2013, the Hurricane Sandy Task Force delivered a rebuilding strategy that is serving as a model for communities across the nation.

He's very religious.

Can we talk to you?

Kitty is snoring.

You're always so romantic.

I don't speak to them.

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Ellen is a bit on the heavy side.

I can't do this on my own.

So, what do you think of him?

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No one knew how to answer the question.

Can we catch up soon, please?

Gabriel wanted to give Joyce something nice for her birthday.


Are there any Chinese restaurants near here?


Randall, would you leave us alone for a moment?


The hands of the clock are made of gold.


Will you be here tomorrow?

You're a philosopher, aren't you?

Wilson is agoraphobic.

What must you do now?

Vick told me you're smart.


Support Tatoeba!


Tollefsen thinks he knows why.

You are a strange man.

At that time, the train was terribly crowded.

I lost track of all time during our walk in the woods.

You can't make someone love you.

You can go home if you want to.

I've got to help him.

Please sign this receipt.

Have you been smoking?


Do you want them to help?

School systems have to cope with changing numbers of pupils.

All the passengers are accounted for.

Maybe I took something wrong, so I'm not going to insist.

The company provides health care and life insurance benefits for all of its employees.

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Don't put off answering the letter.


Why, is somebody going to be mean to me or something?

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She kindly showed me the way.

Andrew's wrong.

Nobody wants to forget my country.

No one knew that.

I broke the personal computer.

I hate the rules.

One's face fills with wrinkles because time does not pass in vain.

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He is cool amid confusion.

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In a crisis, you must get in touch with your teacher.

Takao claimed that he passed the exam.

Let's go and see him.

He soon accustomed himself to cold weather.

Do it while you still can.


I'll be a half hour late.


Claudio is a smooth salesman.

You're not my girlfriend.

I don't know quite how to say this.

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There's been a gas leak.

They caused this.

She was sick in bed yesterday.

That man was pestering me.

The clouds opened and the sun shone through.

Kathleen had no idea how busy Tim was.

Maybe they know something we don't.

That's no longer necessary.

Take whichever you like.


A bow is no use without arrows.

We are going to defend our country.

Isn't that confusing?


Let's just let him handle it.


If they do what I say, I will be very generous. If not... Well, let's just say I deal harshly with insubordination.

When did you translate this letter?

Why did you leave me?

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What name will be given to the child?

Keep an eye on him.

I don't think there is any excuse for his behavior. At the same time, we should listen to what he has to say.


In the upper elevations of Arizona, there was a forest of tall Ponderosa pine trees.

Tracy knows everything about the latest fashion trends.

Teriann didn't comprehend everything.


Both Suwandi and Randal were wearing trench coats.


His anxiety was such that he could hardly sleep.

Let me have your suggestion as to what I am to say.

English studies on the use of cell phones by young people show truly worrying situations, in which a person between the ages of six and twenty sends an average of twenty nine messages, receives fifteen, and makes nine calls each day.

He did it in good faith.

I'm not an easy girl.

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Do you prefer lobster or crab?


The phone rang, but I didn't answer.


We'll talk about that soon.

Did you notice anything out of the ordinary?

Reading a lot of books is a good thing.


We're flying to Boston tomorrow.

They told me to get out of town.

Only high officials had access to the President.


We'll find something.

The service in this restaurant is none too fast.

I have what you need.

What should Jess do?

I'm sorry that I didn't email you sooner.


I must've overlooked something.

It might affect our friendship.

Do you think anyone can see us?

I'll roast meat.

Are you sure this is the right room?

The table was groaning with food.

I can feel it.

Patty hoped Kamel would be impressed.

Isn't there anything we can do?

I have 13 years of service.

He has outlived his fame.

Why didn't she want to join him?

This country is founded upon the principles of freedom, equality and fraternity.


I'm trying to understand.

They are suffering financial difficulties.

They're unlikely to get married.

He is rather behind the rest of his class in English.

He put on the black coat.

Can I help?

Jackson agreed to be at the dinner.


He had twice as much money as I.

The children are already tired.

The ground rocked.

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I wonder if you're as busy as I am.

Your database contains lots of redundancy.

Hand me my towel.

As he came home it started to rain.

I laughed so much, I thought I'd die.

He returned from the office.

Donald has denied everything.

I don't know exactly what to do.

I think I'm putting on weight again.


Doug is really annoying.

Panicking will certainly not help.

You're so adorable.

In one of my most loathed fever dreams, I had to unscramble a block of dry ramen with my mind.

You made me proud.


I spoke with them earlier today.

I'm heading towards Boston now.

Who started the battle?

Ah... maybe tonight...

She's a bit of a snob.