Olaf can't deny that.

Will that happen?

Are you Valeria's husband?

I wish I knew why this keeps happening.


The artist exclaimed.

The table was groaning with food.

I finally met the right woman.

Could you make an exception?

That's crazy.

I dare you to jump over this ditch.

He was delighted to see you.

His fart was so lethal that I nearly passed out.

I nailed it.

Just to be clear, this was not me.

This time I'm really scared.

I'm sorry, I really messed up.

She brushed her husband's hat.

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She did not listen.


Kathleen spoke with Nicholas last night.

He went so far as to call me a fool.

You know I can do it.

The climate here is very similar to that of England.

What else does Angus have?

How much did these glasses cost?

Yes, I will take care of buying the tickets.

Will you have some pie?

A fart is the tortured scream of a trapped turd.

Allan nodded back.

It is likely that the police confused the two individuals as they both had similar facial features.

I've never seen you here before.

We need rules!

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Why is everyone staring at them?

Have you begun studying French?

I defeated the warrior.

Entire cities have fallen at the hands of the enemy army.

Robin doesn't seem very happy.

We're going on a hike.

I look younger than I am.

How many nuclear bombs does the United Kingdom have?

Randal rolled down the car window.

You know we don't need that.

They flew over woods and lakes, over sea and land; below them roared the wild wind; the wolves howled and the snow crackled; over them flew the black screaming crows, and above all shone the moon, clear and bright.

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Catherine apparently doesn't understand French at all.


I got three questions wrong on today's test.

I tried in vain to convince her.

Clear the corridor!

You got what you deserved.

Some medicines will do you more harm than good.

I'll be in the country two weeks.

It's no longer that way.

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Come and catch me if you dare.


I think we understand each other.

Starfish are brainless creatures.

Mott flew from Boston to Chicago.


I haven't been this optimistic ever before.

King has had a little too much to drink.

He deserves the prize.

Will you warm the milk, please?

Julianto scrubbed the sink.

She cooked him meals.

Hotta has made a very valuable discovery.


The discount can't be used for all goods or at all restaurants.

I must be content with my present salary.

We've had a lot of complaints about how you treat your classmates.

We have almost no water left.

How bad is it really?

I like to eat sweets.

Serbia borders Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.

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I trusted people too quickly in the past and just assumed everyone was good.


The ceremony began with his speech.

Can you rub my shoulders?

Saumya is with his son.

Were you speaking German?

I would like to pay with cash.


Stagger slowly walked up the stairs.

It's not a good car, but it's still a car.

Can I see your driver's license?


He put himself to much trouble on my behalf.


They referred to Chaucer as the father of English poetry.


He started acting in a childish manner.


I wish someone would tell me what's going on.

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I didn't know you were seeing someone.

The rumor became common property.

Did she have Parkinson's disease?

Take this pill. It will help you sleep.

I wrote a novel exactly as I wanted to write it.

I'm sorry, I have another engagement.

Would you like me to call a taxi?

Are those guys your friends?

I asked them to come in.

It's so much fun.

Urs used to live in the same apartment building as I do now.

This sentence must be adopted.

Vidhyanath doesn't have these problems.


You didn't seem surprised.

We rely on Patty because she never breaks her promises.

He's got nothing to grouse about.

What's the difference between "May I" and "Can I"?

I should have starved to death for want of food.

They might learn something from us.

The plane is due at 7 p.m.

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Craig used to be the fastest swimmer on our team.

Kathy still doesn't live in Boston.

You should avail yourself of this opportunity without fail.

Terrence knew the reason.

Lawrence handed Dory a large envelope.

Anita climbed Mt. Fuji a few years ago.

I have made many sacrifices for my country.


Keep them busy.


Hitoshi wants to know when you're coming.

I can't wait another week.

Randy doesn't care whether Harris stays or not.

Between the ages of 15 and 16, he grew three whole inches.

What's this got to do with him?

The Forensic Investigation Unit is trying to determine the cause of today's fire.

I thought you might want to talk.


Why would Maureen come back now?

He blinked.

Come on Jack, it's Christmas. You've got to get into the spirit of things.


It sounds like you had quite an adventure.


Rathnakumar kept things from us.

It is difficult to calculate the results of the election.

I ran as fast as I could to catch up with her.

You can rely on Jack.

Lynnette offered Lester a drink of water, but she refused.

You came here because you wanted to know the truth.

Can I shake your hand?

I'll be there.

I didn't get an email from you today.

I have a cut here.

You don't even know us.


God made the world round so we would never be able to see too far down the road.

I cannot teach for free.

The students sat in a circle.

You must not be stubborn and should be friendly.

Can you hold it a moment for me?

Do you ask me of all people.

He who gets up early gets tired quicker.


The newspaper boy delivers newspapers no matter what the weather is like.

The war was a big part of my life, and I can hardly bring myself to speak about it, but I feel it is important that your younger generation appreciates what I have done to you.

Before the Internet, friends and lovers had to correspond.


Everyone has the right to be stupid. Some people just abuse that privilege.

The young girl was in the next room playing with a doll.

You matter because you are you, and you matter until the last moment of your life.

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The meeting has already begun.

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Douglas had the whole house to himself.

We'll solve it together.

It'll get warm soon.

Mickey was grateful.

He said that it was nine o'clock.

Darrell is fussy.

I explained the rules of the game to him.

I'll tell him.

We need twenty eggs all told.

The two accidents coincided with each other.

Was Ilya the one who suggested this?


There is no honor among thieves.


The workers union called off their 24-hour strike today.

What do the kids do in the garden?

She was always pulling my leg when we worked together.


They've been dance partners for more than 60 years.

I'm only staying an hour.

I have tried every means imaginable.

Where are we going?

It is no good to you.

The only people the settlers kill are the natives that they call the "savage."

When somebody praises you, remember to be your own judge; do not trust what others (think) of you more than what you (think) of yourself.