I'm in the air force.

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When the results are made public, I'll let you know.

The scene from the hotel was very beautiful.

I'm not a mind reader.


The queen shook hands with each player after the game.


A permanent is extra.

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Where did you move to?

Today, he is not allowed to eat anything sweet.

The baby grows.

I heard you singing.

You should tell Jayant that Raymond would prefer it if he would quit calling her.

I put a bait on a hook.

Brendan probably has a girlfriend already.

Today, I have other plans.

They are going to investigate the affair.

If the soup can sit for a while, it'll taste better.

We've waited too long already.


You should put this phrase in quotation marks.

The horses are coming down the track and it's neck and neck.

Life is one big circus.

It's an ecological disaster.

When the rain stops, we'll go for a walk.

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Why is dad in the kitchen?

Do you want to marry Luc or not?

I thank you for the warning.

We're at our wits' end.

He is on night duty tonight.

We are going to do this the right way.

That's really crazy.


You're always happy.

Had Napoleon been born in this century, what could he have done?

Exactly what method did you use to improve your Mandarin in such a short space of time?

His early poetry draws heavily on his experience and memories of childhood.

My grandmother was sent to a hospital in Germany.

A light and happy heart is the best of gifts.

The teacher tried to interest the students in current events.


Debbie told me not to open that door.

I guess Sriram is sick.

They seem fine.

This evening we'll go home.

And he sees himself as a sailor.

What do you want next?

People should do their best.

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I saw her leaving the room.

I met an old friend of mine.

He has the water running in the bathtub.

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Bad weather prevented me from doing the sights of Nara.

You have my permission to meet with him.

Is fishing from this bridge permitted?

The proposal met with opposition.

Is that everything you wanted?

The secret remained buried in the grave of the famous philosopher.

I don't think Niels lives in Boston anymore.


Is someone taking care of it?

His report was truthful.

Allen does little other than play the guitar.


As good luck would have it, a steamer passed by and they were saved.

It happens now and then.

What did you get exactly?


I wouldn't take that bet.

We tried to compromise with them.

The girl's ability to speak four languages fluently impressed me.

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Duplicates of this sentence have been deleted.

Why is that?

Her husband is not too keen on the idea of her gallivanting off to the Eurovision final.


Mann did it very carefully.

They looked away from her.

Sjaak expected it to cost a lot more.

He visits us now and then.

Lots of old people are killed in traffic accidents every year.

Some staff members at health clubs ought to be trained in the proper use of a defibrillator.

Are you the one responsible for selling my perfumes far below their list prices?


She's five years younger than I am.

This one's on us, Claire.

I have three grown sons.

You had better not wait any longer.

It's a gift.

I want to try to work things out with Jeanne.

What medicine do you recommend?

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We must work hard to promote world peace.

Bucky and Bea sang the song together.

I try to watch live TV as much as possible instead of recordings.


When did you stop smoking?

Marian and Thad are both in their thirties.

The color white is a symbol of purity.

Don't run yourself down, Mickey.

Yes, it happens from time to time.


This is the worst hotel in town.

Kaj rang the doorbell a couple more times.

I tend to agree with him.

What language do they speak in your country?

I can't kiss you now.


This is the boy who showed me around the city.

The reason he refused your offer is obvious.

I wonder what I need to do to find a job.

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He has bad eyes.

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I see a man.

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I've got to do my chores.


Overwork cost her health.

Nicolas looks dejected.

Jesus has a tough call to make.

A fork fell off of the table.

You need to stop provoking fights with Kyle.

What difference did it make?

There's something not quite right.

Theo got out of the car and ran into the hospital.

We were traveling with a friend.


Do you have a list of hotels?

Dan didn't want his daughter Linda to date Matt.

It's nice today.

Are you sure that's what Huey said?

The doctor looked gravely at the patient.

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Where is the Irish embassy?


Promises are things that must be kept.

I actually don't know where Cliff lives.

Karl couldn't find Ramiro even though he said he looked just about everywhere.

I thought you could do it for me.

What exactly did you tell him?

Roxie is one of our best workers.

Jock didn't seem preoccupied.

As I entered the coffee shop, I found two young men watching a wrestling match on television.

Wooden houses catch fire easily.

Have you already decided what time you're going to leave?

He's so annoying!


I'm not coming back here.


Do the new neighbors have any kids?

Poor communication and selfishness is a toxic combination which few marriages can survive.

I haven't talked to Ann in years.

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Scarcely had her mother left when Alastair took control of the house and tirelessly harassed her little brother Dean.


I made you coffee.

I just wanted some air.

I find it apt to cause misunderstanding that society confers such emotional privileges upon youth.

In February it snows at least every three days.

She receives lots of visitors.


I'm pretty sure Woody can speak French.


Irvin looks like himself again.

It's getting late. I don't wanna go home alone.

Don't open the door.


Elwood asked Pierette if she wanted to go for a walk.

It was lovely.

I just got another phone call from Lou.

The dowser used a dowsing rod to search for water.

What did I just watch?

We'll be here for three more days.

You're a better liar than I thought.

He had to get a scholarship.

What do you think they'll do to me?

Do you have any objection?

You're completely healthy.

I had Marek do it instead.

You'll have to come with us.

The worst is already over.

My niece is the daughter of my sister.

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If you explain everything in medical jargon, it's impossible that everyone understands immediately.


We spent the weekend with friends.

If you try that again, I won't tolerate it.

He is afraid of Father.

The Government's domestic policy was announced.

Her mother started screaming.


I shall not change my mind, whatever happens.

What did you want me to do?

I want everyone to know that I'm not a murderer.