This song is very touching.

Gil told us a sad story about an old man and his dog.


I'm glad to see you guys again.

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He speaks passable French, but he is clearly more fluent in German.

There's still some warm tea in my cup.

Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun.

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What do they want with me?

I had to help her.

When Milo lost his job, he couldn't keep up his mortgage repayments and he was threatened with foreclosure.

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He spoke so eloquently that the audience were all moved to tears.

You can't do this to yourself.

Sadly, terrorism is a global disease, but it must never be allowed to triumph.

Brad kept the secret to himself.

Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship was one of the most violent of the century.

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"I wonder what ground cinnamon tastes like," said the King nonchalantly and put the spoon in his mouth. "Hmm? ...Shit! Water... water... in the fridge. Oh crap, no water in the fridge!" The King went on running around the room frantically, looking desperately for water. Luckily, Duke Onkled happened to be pouring himself a glass of water. "Your Omnipotence, have water," he offered dutifully. "Gimme!" demanded the King, who then emptied the glass in a split second. "Damn, that was awful."

Swing your arm back and forth.

No matter what happens, I will never betray my friend.

If it is seen from a spaceship, the earth looks blue.

Sorry, I don't think I'm gonna be able to.

Dan was the head of the family.

Wait till I put on my coat.

Huey has a tight schedule.

No worries, I'm sure it will be a perfect fit for you!

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Please give my best regards to Judy.

Time heals everything.

Amanda is bound to notice your mistake.

This country is rich in oil.

We're trying to fix this problem.


Why don't you put on some clothes?

You could at least knock!

I appreciate the faith you've shown in me.

You must be back by 10 o'clock.

Descriptions can be analysed in terms of their focus and point of view.

Kate was sympathetic.

This doesn't mean a thing to me.

When was the last time you fed the cows?

You said I could see him.


I want to change my reservation.

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I've actually heard of this.

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He was endowed with great talents.

I must be losing my mind.

Graeme considered his options.


Guido tried to talk Gilles into driving all night.

The ideal lexicographer knows simply everything; unfortunately, that's impossible.

Look at the cloud, how it cries like a grieving manThunder moans like a lover with a broken heart.Now and then the sun peeks from behind the cloudsLike a prisoner hiding from the guard.


It's a vocation.

A magazine can tell more about a story than a newspaper.

I just uncorked a bottle of wine.

I used to think no one cared.

That is why he did not agree to what they had proposed.

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Hey, wake up!


Are you drinking wine?


Call me when you're ready.


Ten to one he will be elected chairman.

I wouldn't want to bother you.

Dimitry and Wade yelled at each other.

I'd like to be left alone.

You're still wrong.

A ship is seen a long way off.

I got her.

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She's a bit jealous.

Is that the woman who knows the answer?

They will make it.

I don't give a shit about it.

Nordic Combined is held as a combination of two events, ski-jump and cross-country ski.

This needs to be corrected.

My son is subject to ill health.

Can't we play a little longer?

Phillip may still be in the hospital.

Get the hell out of my room.

My father always speaks in a very loud voice.


The police covered the body with a sheet.

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We ran for the glory of the school.

No liberty for the enemies of liberty.

Is this milk still good?

We haven't even tried.

What more could you want?

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This is pure demagogy.

That's something to look forward to.

I have to make certain.

I need a doctor.

It's high time you had your hair cut; it has grown too long.

That is the answer.

You'll break it if you're not careful.

I agree with you on this issue.

She gave me a fake phone number.


I got acquainted with her in France.

I've been kicked out of school.

Emily has a sweet tooth.

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I want to sing a song.


Elliott always speaks in such a low voice that I can barely understand what he says.

I'd rather watch paint dry.

I still need to buy stuff for the party.

Do you really think they'll attack?

I nearly blacked out.


You better come.

There were 30 witnesses.

Ramanan began to relax.

Tell your grandfather I say hi.

Mikael wished he had studied harder.

Are you absolutely certain that's not going to happen?

That's what the government wants.


The problem began to assume an international character.

We barred the door and locked it.

I swear it was her.

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When will it start?


This is my biggest worry.

The expense is chargeable on him.

Time was running out and she had to do something.

My parents read books and magazines, but I read more.

Leave it alone!

Anthony wanted to ask Nigel to the prom.

The news has just come on the radio.

The apple is not yet ripe.

That fur coat makes her look bigger.


Gabriel doesn't seem to understand me.

Please bring my book up when you come.

By and by you will forget the painful experience.

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Where are you all from?

What are you so afraid of telling me?

I came to talk with your father, not with you.

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Martin sat down next to Arne on the couch.

It makes me want to make a baby.

Earth has one naturally occurring satellite, the Moon.

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He said that with dignity.

That's not what I'm here for.

He's thrilled with his new job.

Where have you come from?

Yes, I've seen cats without a smile, but a smile with no cat...

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Venkata is very charismatic.

They roped off part of the street.

I knew you could do better.

Why I can't register for that class?

We must have something to live for.

He's tickled pink.

I'm going to need at least five minutes.


Where do you suppose you'll spend your vacation?

In fact, I don't want to know anything.

As far as I know, that's the only possible translation.

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Prompt action is necessary.

Let's pick Trevor up.

I never listen to her anyway.

Why was I invited?

Mike and his sister can speak French, but they can't speak Japanese.

It was a pure accident that I met him there.

It's going to rain outside, so don't forget to take an umbrella.

In short, he is a man of great ability.

Will you impart the secret to me?

Suzanne won't like it if you do that.

He asked me to dance.


He thinks that's normal.

we concurred with all you are saying

We'll have to risk it.

I might talk to her.

Please get here as quickly as you can.

Joe stayed there for several days.

How much is this biro?

Heather suggested I go with him to Boston.

Sanford taught his children French.

Don't forget that, if you are on a diet, skipping breakfast will not help you.

Barbra got a job at one of the local farms.

Who did you have in mind when you made those remarks?

The IRS is auditing me.


Casper is a giver.