Mr Smith married his daughter to a doctor.

I can run faster than Sassan.

You look very happy this morning.


You can watch movies with English subtitles using this link.


The price includes the postage charge.

Tal knows all this already.

I need a red pen.

My car is older than this tree.

Don't let him keep this picture.

How does that work?

I tried to tell Laurie what needed to be done, but he didn't seem to be paying attention.

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Do you have a budget?

What do you associate with summer?

I told him you were hungry.


I put the dictionary back on Jason's desk.

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My favorite singer is Whitney Houston.

This is a picture of Sandeep's family.

Everyone just started running.

I'm glad you reminded me.

I have no fear of flying.

She grew worse instead of better with years, and, unfortunately, she was pretty, which caused her to be excused, when she should have been sharply reproved.

Marcos is still staying with us.

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His heart is full of happiness.

We all have our cross to bear.

He is a professor of economics at Hyogo University.

Kurt continued speaking.

In this city there are 249 neighborhoods.

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Trevor skateboarded down the street.


I saw Spyros going into the bank.

I was going to talk to Spy about that.

Smallpox was unknown to Native Americans.


Teriann is certainly getting along in years.

Lonhyn seems to want to say something.

What are you doing out so late?

Dan was trying to calm his dog.

That makes me happy.

His chances of being elected are good.

He is my friend.


Dan took a picture of the license plate.


I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.

After years of womanising, Miltos finally settled down with Aaron.

I'm not going to wait to find out.

I tried to warn Cristina.

Herb said he only needed a few more minutes.

Some of the 2016 Olympic events will be held in a neighborhood called Deodoro.

The garden is behind the house.

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You have more energy than me.

We were supplied with uniforms.

He always talks in such high-sounding terms.


During the class she fell asleep in spite of herself.


I think I will take a vacation this week.

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I ask about apples, and you answer me about pears.

Did you ask them?

He asked me point-blank to help him.


This is not a toy!

Srikanth needs to come back to Boston.

Nobody spoke with me.

Have you ever heard of the concept of linguistic relativity?

I would like to visit New York.


To know what is right and choose to ignore it is the act of a coward.

I can't believe Sriram really did that.

I hate arguments.

Heavy sound is being looked for.

Mikey canceled lunch with me today.

That is rather unexpected.

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Many good people die every day.

During the 20th century, Manchukuo was a puppet state.

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He's ready now.

Have you learned the number by heart?

She's just like you.

We have some ideas.

The left brain predominates the architecture and lifestyle in North America.


What did you tell him?

I can't believe I didn't think of that earlier.

I don't know what you're waiting for.

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Old age creeps upon us unnoticed.

Bryce didn't scare me.

For every action, there is a corresponding reaction.

My friend's friend is beautiful.

Have you been injured?


What a lovely couple!


Rakhal waved his arms.

You're more beautiful than her.

How dare you?

Please close the window.

Ira makes me feel young.

After nearly collapsing, the U.S. auto industry has added nearly 250,000 jobs - the fastest pace of job growth in more than a decade.

I'm sorry to call so late.

I've been pretty busy.

How can I pick out fresh fish?


You don't have to do it, but you should.


Stop pressuring me.

Gabriela is from Nicaragua. She is Nicaraguan.

John grabbed the rope that was lowered from the helicopter.

I'm not going to get better.

Surya didn't have the courage to do what he wanted to do.


How do you put up with him?

It was a war no nation really wanted.

The passwords were easy to figure out.


We're going back to work tonight.

Do we have another one like this?

None of that is true.

We love each other and that's all that matters.

You must observe the rules of the club.

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I should have been more careful.


I don't want to talk to anyone.

I'm not good at French.

Kirk answered right away.


As a child, I couldn't eat fish.

The express train from Paris arrives at ten o'clock.

Is this sentence in the present perfect or simple past?

How much money do you want?

There must be something you can do.

His T-shirt was a burnt orangish colour.

Why do you say it's a verb?


This book has a certain value.

You are vegetarian.

Give it a shot.

I am taking tomorrow off.

Put those flowers wherever we can see them well.

Don't make fun of old people.

How was Pim killed?

I think Julie is dependable.

As a hobby, I like to travel places I have never been to before both inside and outside of the country.

Even in the case of a major disease, hope is a good weapon.

Glynn didn't even know who I was.

Have you read Vince Jackson's new book?

They had started earlier than we had.

Excuse me, but will you tell me the way to the Hilton Hotel?

Pam had a fight with Mariou.


Passengers must take the footbridge to cross the railroad tracks.

Some dreams are a glimpse of the future.

Anastrophe, by switching around words, has the effect of emphasizing text.

Clear up your desk a bit.

A Japanese person would never do such a thing.

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I wanted out of there.

In her elementary school days, Clem dreamt of becoming a teacher.

I love to teach.

How much candy have you had?

I'm one of the dancers.

He gets around a lot.

She adds a lot of examples.

If you want to tell Loren, tell him.

So much has happened. It's as if the whole world is flipped upside down.

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Do you have any idea why Ginny did what he did?

Portugal is a country of emigration.

Something came up.


You've left your coffee. Don't you like it?

He could not credit her story.

The Incas had a wide range of interests.


Brendan should've known better.

The plans are being made without regard to his schedule.

Claire can still remember the pain caused when Janos left him.

Sridharan doesn't complain.

Where's the rest?

What did I ever do to you?

Please excuse my ignorance.

I've been lopping trees all afternoon and shredding them into mulch for the garden.

I don't feel like eating supper tonight.

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Sofia is going through a midlife crisis.

My name sounds bizarre.

Just once, I'd like to get a hole-in-one some day.