Commercial Technology for National Security Missions

Carillon Technologies accelerates the adaption of advanced commercial technologies for critical government programs.


About Carillon

Carillon Technologies partners with Government and government contractors to accelerate identification, adaption and deployment of cutting-edge commercial technologies to achieve critical government missions.

According to R&D Magazine, only 6% of global R&D is performed for the U.S. Government. The 2018 National Defense Strategy warns that that failure to rapidly incorporate commercial innovation on government programs “risks eroding the conventional overmatch to which our Nation has grown accustomed.”

Carillon is answering this call to national service. With a team that deeply understands both commercial and government markets, we are working with government and government contractors to ensure that those who serve America have access to same technologies that Americans enjoy in their homes and businesses every day.

Carillon is a spinout of Intellectual Ventures’ Invention Science Fund. Carillon’s investors include Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft.

Supporting the National Security Community

United States Congress

Creating new well-paid American jobs.

Executive Agencies

Enhancing citizen service and convenience.

Department of Defense

Enabling new missions and new capabilities.

Government Contractors

Providing discriminating new technologies.

Leadership Team

Dr. John D. Evans

Founder, CEO, Board of Directors

Adm. William A. Owens, USN (Ret.)

Board of Advisors (Chair)

Dr. Patrick Ennis

Board of Directors

Casey Tegreene, J.D.


Marty Bollinger

Board of Advisors

Dr. Paul Kolodzy

Board of Advisors

Dr. Curt Carlson

Board of Advisors

Frank Cappuccio

Board of Advisors

Dr. David Smith

Board of Advisors (Duke University)

Ken Nielsen


Mark Haddad, J.D.

General Counsel (Foley Hoag)

Guy ‘Bus’ Snodgrass


Dr. Preston Carter

Lead, Space Systems

Technology Focus Areas

Tactical Communication

Direct-to-Soldier Tactical Communication.

Distributed RF Systems

Responsive Attritable SIGINT and EW Systems.

Intelligent Armor

Survivable Networked Armored Vehicles.

On-Orbit Systems

Responsive Defendable Space Systems.

Press & Media


Success with Meaning

Advance your career while making a difference for our country, and our world. Carillon is seeking specialized expertise in the areas of Satellite Communication and Radio Frequency Systems relevant to government applications.

Please contact 6073395902.

Commercial Technology for National Security Missions

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