The biggest challenge in post floods Kerala is to prevent any epidemic.

A Medical Health Units (MHU) led by SACH CEO KP Rajendran is already in Alappuzha, one of the worst affected affected by floods.

The medical team comprises doctor, pharmacist, lab technicians and driver supported by local volunteers.

MHU is providing free diagnosis, medicines and blood tests to the locals.

Within three days MHU has reached out to more than 7,000 in Mararikulam, Pollathai, Kanichuku, Ngara, Kalavoor,and Varanad villages of Alappuzha District.

Support SACH humanitarian initiative for Kerala flood victims.

Kerala is struggling with medicines, floods and lives with intense rain throughout the state for past 10 days. People are suffering without basic needs such as food, clothes etc as everything has be merged in water. So, any kind of help from our end will be helpful for the members to recover from this crucial situation.

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