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“Fly like a bird, take to the sky.

I need you now, Lord carry me high.

Don’t let the world break me tonight.”

Each words are so connected and ecstatic sung by Mariah Carey.

In the world, we live each day we see lots of motivational speeches and the person nearby inspires us. But the question is, “Do you really feel motivated?” certainly NO, because, at that time the flow of energy is high which boosts you to top of the sky. Next day, you are back to your schedule. So this is what MOTIVATION or STRESS-FREE you want to be? The answer is NO.   The body in which you live, or the mind from which you think/rethink/overthink overweight your soul. Why you take each thing in so inflicting manner? We must remain cool and calm in each situation.     After a long research, I personally think- What you are, What you want to be, is What you think, i.e. Your thoughts really matters. We show off that we are positive from both sides but actually we are lying to ourselves STOP doing that.

Now it’s time to do something that you lead  life joyfully. The morning hours are very productive ones, use it to your best.  For example- meditation, yoga and exercise etc. This charges you for the entire day, including reading books too. These habits cultivate a good source of positive ions in your body.

The morning three mantras:

  1. I accept everyone as they are.
  2. I am the powerful and  the peaceful soul.
  3. I am confident, wildly successful person.

Keep saying these thoughts, after one or two hours on daily basis. You will notice a great thought change process within yourself.

Life is a manifestation of thoughts. Your thoughts should be very powerful and strong enough. The

more powerful thoughts you create, the more powerful actions you can take to change your life. You should be carefree and stress-free in order to make your life joyful each day.    Accept every shade of Life with a smile. If you really want to upgrade yourself: STOP OVERTHINKING AND START BELIEVING that you are the POWERFUL SOUL. You will achieve everything.

Whenever you are in anger or frustrated with someone………. JUST……..JUST…..be alone…….keep calm……RELAX….RETHINK. Life is really beautiful, you must adore it each day and try to modify yourself. The best suggestion I can give you:

  1. In the morning, make a list of things you want to do each day.
  2. Follow accordingly and manage your day.
  3. Analyze your day at night before you go to bed so that the next day is the best one.

If you are the extreme pessimist and it is good that you want to change your thinking process. Just start believing and have self-conversation which is the best way to turn your way to think. Try to analyze each and every thought and then make a list of things that you want or that makes you go crazy. Turn out those things in reality. You are a powerful soul and can do anything that you want. You must always understand each situation and then create thought accordingly.             Life should be such when you wake up, must have the cheerful smile on your face and while you go to sleep there should be a feeling of satisfaction.   Be free, never ever load yourself with bad days. Life keeps on moving so you must too. Learn from every experience and execute it in a very new situation. I strongly believe, THOUGHTS ARE EVERYTHING.      Appreciate yourself for creating powerful thoughts this will lead you to accomplish your desired goal.

Create unlimited Powerful thoughts, be enthusiastic love yourself. Once your mind is healthy, the body will automatically remain healthy. Keep saying, ‘I am perfect and have a healthy body and will always remain.”

-keep creating POWERFUL THOUGHTS.