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Jerry picked the diamond up and looked at it.

Myrick never complains about anything.

He came into the room first.

Running away isn't the answer.

I want my children to have that opportunity.

Dieter was a good Samaritan.

His business failed and he was ruined.

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I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way.

Did you think about it?

In addition to being a famous physicist, he is a great novelist.

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How much is the kilo of pineapple?

He made his way through difficulties.

He acted just as if there were nothing.

His success met some eclipses.

Tell her that I am angry.

Gregg used to sing in a punk rock band.

Lee was taking a huge chance.

I wish I had a brother.

Art might be able to speak French.


I think he really believes it.

Take it to the men in Room 318.

I don't live in Turin.

I'd like the bill, please.

He was acquitted.

We'll go over it again.

Chemical companies are waiting until everything dies down before reinvesting.

I didn't forget about you, Christina.

On entering a dark tunnel, we could see nothing.


I never had an appointment with the doctor.

Jacques talked me into it.

Very regrettably, 1,900 square meters of land become desert every second.

Stephanie is absent because he's in the hospital.

Since he was able to walk so far, he must have strong legs.

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Ranjit waggled his finger at Pravin.

Scot and Jack were the only ones that were left.

Isidore gave his servants the afternoon off.

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Don't mind us.

What if we don't find Lukas?

Wait'll you hear what happened today.


Hilda planned to go to Boston.

This man is your friend, remember?

Jose probably thought I was hungry.

We're developing an Android application at the moment.

We were surprised how fast the police were there.


Vernon went to school with Narendra.

It's going to be a good year.

Stop hanging out with losers.


You're a psycho.

She has two kids to support.

My uncle gave me a book yesterday. This is the book.

What you're doing is useless, but do it.

The movie "Pretty Woman" is one of the all-time classics.

I'd appreciate it if you would be quiet.

Don't leave me alone, please.

Now, why doesn't that surprise me?

That Jordan replaced the main engine in this experiment is self-evident.

Why did you tell him to do it?

Just a minute. I'll see if I can find it in this book.

I was about to go to bed when the phone rang.

Kay said he couldn't do anything.

His proposal has been watered down.

He used to walk to his office.


Save me.


My family has suffered, too.


I came to see you.


I was going to tell the truth.

Six hundred thousand men were killed or wounded.

They plan to get married tomorrow.

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Hwa couldn't bear the noise.

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He's very straightforward.

Reexamination of the data is required to make the formula accurate.

I want to play a game where a noble, female, knight with the nickname of light-speed freely manipulates gravity.

Our teacher told us that water boiled at 100 degrees centigrade.

Noemi has left me.

Do you have a budget?

May I have a straw, please?


I'm just as busy as ever.

I know! And let me also say that Keiko is a SECOND cousin of mine.

In our company, the official language is Japanese.

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We were eating eggs.

Try to set a good example.

His voice was soft and gentle.

Do you still have that watch I gave you?

Why does Wilson want us to do this?


One should always do one's best.

Kelvin ran back to the bunker.

He is studying in the library now.

Do you realize what you're doing, Ning?

The decoration of the church is beautiful.

I'm going to kill him for this!

I'm just as scared as you are.

Santa has too many things to worry about.

Emotions are contagious.

A lie has no legs.

I am William's custodian.


My father usually leaves home while I am in bed.

On that very day I met the same person.

Syed is working hard.

They said they were leaving.

They didn't achieve their goal.

Because I don't want to marry, my grandmother called me a cripple.

That is a danger zone; don't go there.

The magazine is for killing time.

We could hear footsteps crunching through the gravel.

They sing.

My neighbors provided food for me.

Give me a drink.

Are you using the default settings?

I will be able to pass the test.

I believed everything they told us.


Please explain the rules of soccer to me.


Vilhelm didn't say anything about where he was going.


If you have a car, you can come and go at will.

Do you still have yesterday's paper?

He owed large amounts of money.

I have kidney trouble.

Are you saying that Marla's crazy?

Could you put a period at the end of your sentence, please?

This box is filled with apples.

Nested dolls are a telltale Russian export.

Sorry, I have to study.

Let's spend all weekend together.

Don't let that bother you.

You bought an expensive coat.

What kind of sport do you like?

Her eyes were swollen.

Even the moon was jealous of her beauty.

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It was really cold on Tuesday.

In the past I used to vote for the Democratic ticket, but from now on I'll climb on the Republican bandwagon.

I did not betray you.


Lila will check.

I am teaching.

I wish I was in Boston.

The union went out on a strike for an indefinite period.

Let's get a move on.

Frank arrived there before Ping.

There are noticeable differences between the two.

Pilot entered the house.

The confused travelers realized they were headed toward the wrong town.


I've been thinking.

Would you try this on?

Charles has come back.

Floyd ignored Josh's warning.

You learn something new every day.


Have you ever donated blood?


You cannot be too careful when you choose your job.

The town in which I live is rather small.

Give a man a fish and he'll have dinner for a night; teach a man to fish and he will have dinner for a lifetime.

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Phill showed me a drawing he did of Norma.

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Is it severe in the winter here?

He resigned as president.

What kind of music do you usually listen to?

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I know it's in here somewhere.


Which house do you live in?

I buy you a present.

Her hope didn't come true.

The fire started in Coleen's room.

She used to be a teacher.

I just wanted to remind you to call Sedovic.

Roberta poured himself a cup of tea.


Have you ever had a pulled ligament? It hurts like hell.

I don't know about success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone!

I am leaving work, so let's talk another day.

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I turned pale.


Melinda put her finger on my lips.