What else does Perry need?

I know a very good shampoo that takes seborrhea away.

You shouldn't be alone, Liber.

Do you want to take a walk?


Do you intend to leave us?

Myron is vulgar.

He is eager to get on in the world.

He wins his arguments by logical reasoning.

We help each other.


Clayton said he wanted to stick around for a couple of more days.

John has put on a lot of weight recently.

I failed to persuade her.

First of all, the level of the ocean could rise, because ocean water expands as it grows warmer.

He nodded slowly in comprehension.

Thank you for finding out what happened.

Everyone knew Terrence.

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We have to buy a new rug for this room.


He likes sleeping.


He gives his children an allowance.

Solve the following six math problems.

He is allergic to dust.

Stefan is a classically-trained musician.

Would you try this on?

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"Is he seriously ill?" "I hope not."


We've allowed for that.

We should've realized that Tao needed our help.

Jussi said that he wanted to move to Boston because that's where Edward lives.

It took three years.

When did Jay come?

Jun is much taller than Leora.

I walked from the station.

That's thieves' cant.

I'm not finished with her.

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He was brought up to riding.


Tharen drives fast.


I'm related to Kieran.


You've got a nice smile.


Is there anyone in this room?

C'mon, let's eat something!

When he openly declared he would marry Pablo, he almost gave his grandmother a heart attack and made his aunt's eyes burst out of their sockets; however, his little sister beamed with pride.


He is on the point of death.


I miss my cat.


Why is Clara making us wait so long?

Without honor, victory is hollow.

We need an attorney with experience in unconventional means.


The consequence was that, she lost a considerable amount of money.

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Is it "God" or "god"?

Who's your favorite actor or actress?

I think this photo was taken in May.


Cristopher tripled his investment in six months.

Between sobs, that lost girl said her name.

Here is a letter for you.


We have a majority interest in the company.

I did not reply to your letter as I was too busy.

Clay poured me some tea.


I can't cut my nails and do the ironing at the same time!

Elvis should be notified as soon as possible.

We will deliver up to the airport of the island.

It doesn't seem; it is.

We have to do that right away.

Do you have the key to this room?

"It's an atmosphere like a ghost might appear" "Hey, don't say such stupid things!" "Wait, Roxana, are you afraid of ghosts?"


I'll call back as soon as I can.

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Women seem to like him for some reason.

It is right that you should write it.

Thank you for nothing.

They all died.

It was an amazing game.

It is true that yours is a good idea, but I am afraid it will be hard to put into practice.

There's been change of plan.

Do you have a message you want me to deliver to Dorian?

I've always suspected you might have studied karate.


She's a keeper.

There was a lot of wind.

He works a lot from morning till night.


The bank robbers killed everyone but Sridharan.

Mihari is guarding the gate to Pinku Reiga's mansion. In spite of her harmless looks, she has earned herself a reputation as a cold-hearted, fierce and merciless killing machine.

Europe is in crisis.


The bullet train we were on pulled out at 12 sharp.

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Who did he see?

I wouldn't hurt him.

Don't you think that you should tell her about this?


Do you see any problems with us not attending that meeting?

I don't know how to express my thanks.

Delbert and Murray kept their cool.

Hsi gave the rope a tug.

Have a beer with me.


Eggs tend to go bad in summer.

We wish we could do more to help.

Am I first?


He has to work on his own.

He frequently neglects his work.

You offered Bernie a gift, didn't you?

She forced him to sit down.

I suppose you'll let them go.

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He was so fortunate as it find a good job.

There's something back there.

Night, accomplice of diseases and nightmares.

Peace is for wimps.

Albert felt remorse for what he had done.


I consider her an honest woman.

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I've got the wrong one here.


Please make sure the user name and email address used is correct.

The telephone was invented by Bell in the year 1876.

Panos smiled at Tran and she smiled back.


You're supposed to be recovering.

You think that I'm just talking nonsense, don't you?

Elisabeth returned from Boston yesterday.

Metin won't talk to anyone.

I have the feeling that Terri doesn't know how to do that.


Divide the cake between you two.

What's the matter with her?

When I was a boy, I thought that I wanted to be a doctor.

Something caught Bonnie's attention.

He went to London to learn English.

I had a problem with my car on the way to work.

Would it kill you to visit me once in a while?


Maybe you didn't hear me.

You're the first woman I've ever really loved.

The recoil reduces the weapon's accuracy.

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He abandoned his family and went to live in Tahiti.

What did you do with those books?

You must think I'm crazy.

I bought two pairs of trousers.

Everybody started talking at once.

He asked for my permission to use the telephone.

Enlightening the people is very easy.

Our fridge is broken.

The old people were taken good care of.


I want you to take a look at this.

I'm about tired of this quiet life.

Use lemon juice instead of vinegar.

You might want to have someone look into that matter.

Don't be embarrassed.

Thad usually eats much less than Graham does.

This week he works the early shift.

We're going to have good weather in the next few days.

Then in Paris, the founders convoked a committee of scientists from various countries. Three or four (Couturat, Ostwald, Jespersen, Baudouin de Courtenay) attended in person.

Speak kindly to others.

Anyhow, having been held in school from morning to evening ... anybody'd be happy on getting released.


Thanks for doing that for him.


Chinese food is no less nice than French food is.


Which do you like better, sushi or tempura?

I have a strong objection to being treated like this.

He came in with his eyes shining.


Why is it you can write a letter in English this well, but can't speak in it?

Kerry is staying at a hotel.

I don't want to be the person who tells Cathy that.

She sold her Opel and bought a BMW.

Lorenzo and Loyd went to a medieval gathering.


I'll be out in a jiff.

Nature is awesome.

He has a rich imagination.


There is no Truth. There is only the truth within each moment.

Have you ever read "Moby Dick"?

Our family consists of five members.