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Email, calendar, docs and collaboration in a safe & fast cloud.

With a redesigned browser-based interface, GazelleMail® powered by Zimbra® offers the most innovative messaging experience available today at an incredibly affordably cost.

Email Delivered

A Smarter Mailbox reduces time spent finding important emails. Email Compose Tabs eliminate the need for new windows with every message. Read more...

Calendar Done Right

Robust calendar designed for the enterprise. Group Scheduling wizard finds an optimal time/place for large meetings in seconds. Delegate access to calendars and share calendars with peers. Read more about calendar features...

Document Collaboration

An Integrated document management Briefcase eliminates the need for separate document management tools. Create personal or team Task Lists with due dates, priority and percent complete. Read more about document management...

Collaboration 2.0

Streamline sharing management as new users join an organization or distribution alias. An Integrated document management Briefcase eliminates the need for separate document management tools. Read more about collaboration tools...

Powerful Search

Search all core applications with a dedicated search tab. Save common searches as a virtual Search Folder. Refine searches quickly and easily with Visual Search Builder. 682-704-1108

Any Device or Platform

Anywhere, Any Device. Synchronization with iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows and Android-based smart phones and tablets, using IMAP/POP, CalDAV and CarDAV. 320-599-1322

Why GazelleMail?

500 Million People Trust the Platform
GazelleMail ®, based on the Zimbra platform, combining the power of GazelleHost Cloud and Amazon Web Services email delivery is the perfect fit for small, medium and enterprise customers. Additional collaboration tools, powerful search and document "briefcase" make the system a great productivity ally.

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Want the benefits of email collaboration without the costs and hassle of maintaining your own environment? Contact one of our reseller partners to find an affordable cloud email subscription plan that meets your needs.

What is GazelleMail Platform?

Integration of email, contacts and calendar and more

  • Preview your daily schedule next to a meeting invite in email
  • Drag a message onto the Email Calendar Widget to automatically create a meeting with the email recipients, including any attachments and email notes
  • Drag a message onto contact collector to add all message recipients to your address book
  • Click here for a full list of features...

Any device, any platform

Platform accessible from the cloud or on desktop or mobile.

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How to sign up

GazelleMail Collaboration platform is available from partners and resellers.

Click on a reseller logo to subscribe to GazelleMail and start using the platform right away.

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$5/per month
up to 5 Accounts
1 GB storage per account
Unlimited Features
Anti-spam & anti-virus
30 day money back guarantee
“Creating a bridge between our engineers, prospects and customers to share knowledge and helpful information. The community shows that we are personal, social and helpful to our customers.”
Jeff, Dell
Dell testimonial logo
“When evaluating integrated email and calendar solutions, we focused on the total cost of ownership—that is, the lifetime cost, not just the purchase cost—of the applications. Zimbra running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux emerged as the clear consensus choice.”
Bruce, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
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“Our highly skilled engineers can support customers more efficiently than previously with only phone and email support.”
Aimee, Texas Instruments
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“The system enabled us to consolidate our hybrid email system into a single email solution. The performance is very good - emails are delivered faster; it supports a wide range of devices, platforms and email types.”
Pertisth, Sleepwell
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“They [users] are much happier because it's more feature rich. The system allows end-users to use Web 2.0 features, like tagging emails and searching mail.”
Joe, ZipRealty
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“If email is a strategic asset, you need to have control over it... Zimbra [GazelleMail platform provider] has allowed us to control it.”
Guy, Frontier
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