Sigi Decides to Cook -Chocolate Cake

The chocolate cake is the most preferred and easy to make urban dessert. Lets see how to make chocolate cake in a pressure cooker in this post

Step 1: Add baking powder, cocoa powder and flour in a bowl.
Step 2: Add butter sugar salt water and vanilla essence
Step 3: Add four eggs and beat the batter
Step 4: Pour the mix into a cake tin
Step 5: Place the tin inside the cooker .Rubber gasket and whistle should be remove
Step 6: Bake the chocolate cake for 40 to 45 minutes on low flame
Step 7: While the chocolate cake is still not hot make holes with toothpick, fork for icing to seep thro

How to make chocolate icing for cake

Step 1: Add cocoa powder, butter, vanilla essence, brown sugar to a sauce pan
Step 2: Keep the saucepan in low flame, stir with a whisk to get a even mixture.
Step 3: Once the mixture boils pour it over the cake and the icing will seep through the holes.
Step 4: Slice and serve the dessert.

Tips for child hygiene and healthy habits for kids

Hygiene is not about good appearance it is a proactive way to prevent bacteria and viruses.
It is better to start teaching children early about importance of personal hygiene
Good personal hygiene enable your children to
  • Stay healthy free from illness and diseases caused due to bacteria
  • Feel good about themselves
  • Maintain and enjoy a healthy body image
  • Develop a healthy personality 
Hand hygiene
It is always better to use hand sanitizers and hand extenders for washing hands.
Hand washing is a simple activity that keeps germs away and infections away.
Washing hands can decrease illness in children since harmful microbes enter the body through the hands.
As babies grow it is important to teach them how to wash their hands thoroughly and just not wet them under water.
Hand washing should be practiced before and after meals , after using washroom, after playing with pets.
Hand extender
Why hand wash extender?
Hand Washer Extender is completely safe for little fingers.
Requires no tools or assembly works right out of the box.
Water faucet tap extender has been designed to fit on most conventional bathroom faucets.

Easy to remove for cleaning, dishwasher safe.

Made from long lasting soft, durable plastic.
To attach simply squeeze both sides while pushing the lower flap.
Simply take it out pop it in jus seconds  and watch the good habits start to form.
Faucet extender is safe, fun hand washing technique for kids.
Protects youngster from sharp edges commonly found underneath most faucets.
A baby faucet extender integrates brightly colored unique design that makes hand washing time fun for your kids.
Faucet extender won’t crack,fade or warp from extended use.
Foot Hygiene
Foot hygiene is as important as hand hygiene.Proper food hygiene will reduce smelly feet ring worm and other foot infections.
As the child grows it is important to wash babies feet at least twice a day. To clean feet properly, teach them to scrub and soap.
Teach them to use clean cloth to rub their feet. Encourage them to keep their foot clean and dry.
Being a parent, always buy socks made of cotton.Leather and canvas shoes are best.
Toileting Hygiene
Teach children to wash every time they use the washroom. Teach them to wipe with tissue.Take time to teach children about toiling hygiene.
Bathing Rituals
Bathing helps to get rid of old dead skin cells, so as to make way for new skin cells.Make sure child takes bath twice a day Show them how to do it and
Let them practice it.
Nail Hygiene
Nails are the breeding ground for harmful bacteria hence bacteria can easily transfer to Childs mouth, eyes, nose or make them sick.
Parents should make sure nails are clipped every week.
Nails should be clipped after bath since they are softer. Nails should be cut straight to prevent ingrown hairs.
Rough edges should be filed.Nail biting should be discouraged as harmful bacteria will enter the body, digestive tract and cause many problems.
Oral Hygiene
Oral hygiene should be a part of every Childs daily routine. Children should take proper care of oral hygiene from the time the child grows the first tooth.
By cleaning a Childs gums and teeth , can prevent wide range of health issues, cavities and heart disease later in their life.
Child should brush his or her teeth atleast twice a day.Make sure child is not eating surgery junk food in excess.
If child is not taking proper care of the teeth bring the subject for discussion and take the child to the dentist.
The dentist can teach the child about the importance of personal hygiene, bad breadth consequences and how rotten teeth can jeopardize their appearance.

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Hundreds of people are killed in car accidents everyday.Car accidents are the leading cause of death among those aged 5 to 35 in India. The most reliable method of saving lives and preventing injuries is to use a seat belt.

When someone is crying a child doe to an expected necessity over a short distance without a seat belt might leave him or her at risk.

You cannot take children under three without a seat belt in a vehicle.

Common reasons people say for not wearing seat belts while carrying children in the bike

  • Belts are uncomfortable
  • The trip was short
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of understanding about the importance of seat belt.
  • Not being cool

With few exceptions all children under twelve must wear seat belts while traveling in any car or goods vehicle.

Children under three must use an appropriate child restrain when traveling in two wheelers fitted with seat belts

Whether you are a parent, child or friend if you are carrying  a child in your two wheeler you need to understand the legal requirements.

If you do not wear a seat belt there is a possibility that the child may get injured.

Until what age is it useful?
It can be used until the age of 10 years.


It can be used when the child is seated at the front and behind.
Double buckles
Head rest to support sleeping children
Pouch to store the belt while not in use for free
Made with nylon fabric
Sponge filling provides comfort and assurance
Expandable strap

How to reduce death of people due to accidents involving two wheelers

The two wheeler belts should be fastened around the waist or top of thy of rider.
This will help the driver from getting thrown away with high velocity, in case of crash.Even if the rider is thrown away, impact will be minimum.
Hand straps should be part of two wheeler handles.
Rider should insert their hands through the straps before holding the bike.

So stay safe buckle up and save children from accidents,








Whenever Sarah took her three year old son Ben to the public library, he loved walking up and down the aisles, examining the books while she picked a few to read.But one day he didn’t come back.’Ben’ she called again and again in vain.

What if your child gets lost.No parent imagines losing sight of his or her child until it happens to them.Today child safety is an important issue as child crime is rapidly growing across the world.The GPS pendant is developed to racify the worries of parents regarding their child security.The pendant with an inbuilt GPS locator ensures live tracking of their kids as parent worries are genuine.

GPS locator

Alarm pendants with GPS locator are quite new to the industry and have very good value.

These are not only useful for indoors but also outdoors for those who like to know that help is only a button away.

GPS locator will work wherever there is telestra network coverage.

Pressing the SOS button will send an emergency SMS message to the family and friends and this message will contain the users location which is viewable on google maps.Ringing into the pendant will then automatically open up a two way voice contact path between the career and the user.

Real Time Tracking,
SOS alarm and push button calling
Camera monitoring, GPS Maps
Two way audio communication
Low battery and sim card change reminders

GPS: The outgoing emergency message will also contain the user’s location by way of GPS locating technology.This can be easily viewed by a smartphone or according to preference the pendant can immediately dial the first carer and subsequent carers after subsequent SMS has been sent.

Operating on Telstra Network the safe life pendant will operate nationalwide, providing coverage is available.The safe life pendant comes with a SIM card.

SOS functionality: The SOS standard is applicable to use cases in which sensor data needs to be managed in an interoperable way.the standard defines a web service interface that allows querying observations, sensor metadata, as well as representation of observed features. Further this standard means to register new sensors and to remove existing ones.It defines operations to insert new sensor observations. This standard defines this functionality in a binding independent way.

SOS with two way communication: When the SOS function is deployed the power of technology kicks in.It will activate the voice call as well as sending its location to 5 emergency contacts.The wearer can talk to the pendant and have a normal conversation.People in the vin city that may have found the child may also persist to communicate with you.

TALK function: Want to talk, then it is easy. Just call the unit and they can talk to you like any other phone.

GPS ping function: Quickly enables you to find where your child is located by sending a ping request to the pendant.


An SOS text message is sent to the nominated contacts.The text includes a Google maps links which allows the location at the time of activation.

The device then calls the 1st SOS contact. Two way speech allows the wearer to talk to the pendant and directly communicate with their contact.

If the first number doesn’t answer it will continue to the second , 3rd, 4th 5th contact. Additionally you can find out where the device is at any time by simply sending a text message. The device will then automatically reply with update on its location with the google maps link including the battery percentage.


In this post let us take a look at fashion trends: Trends I will follow and will not follow

Trends I will not follow 🙂


Chokers are popular with a number of celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow who wore one to the 1999 Academy Awards. Paris Hilton wore three inches of Swarovski around her neck in 2002.Rihanna has also been featured wearing chokers. Kendall Jenner an American fashion model, wears chokers of many mixed materials.

I like the idea of the trend but don’t think it is my style. I can’t see myself wearing floral or novelty looking ones. I do not use it often too.

Pleated ¾ skirt

Can’t see myself wearing that kind of a skirt. It looks like school uniform. I will probably not wear it everyday.

Cut out boots and tops

Boots are supposed to keep you warm. If it is cutout does not seem practical and doesn’t make sense. Socks are visible through the cutout and does not look good.

Trends I will follow

Gingham Trend

I am totally into Gingham trend. It is kind of cool. It comes with all different kind of colours. It is very comfortable.

Bottom up shirt

Bottom up shirts are simply everything. It adds character and detail. They come in various selections and is extremely comfortable to wear.

Designed Printed Tee

Simple and elegant. They are exceptionally fashionable and never go out of style. Printed Gucci t-shirts are really good and Age t-shirts are less expensive and comfortable.

Statement Belts

Showing of belt buckle is the latest trend. This is the first item I would want to buy into my wardrobe.It comes in different colours and sizes and is fashionable.












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Let us see how to make chicken biriyani in this post

Step1: Add onions, tomatoes, pudhina, fried thoor dhal,coriander,gingergarlic paste, dry red chillies, and coconut to a bowl.

Step 2: Grind the ingredients in the bowl and keep it separately

Step 3: Wash chicken under running water

Step 4: Marinate the fish with salt, chicken masala and turmeric

Step 6: Add finely grated onions, tomatoes , curry leaves , spices, biriyani leaf in the cooker and fry

Step 7: Add chicken and salt into the cooker

Step 8: Add ground paste into the cooker

Step 9: Add basmathi rice and water into the cooker(for one glass on rice one and half glass of water if basmathi rice is used else 3 glasses of water)

Step 10: Heat cooker under low flame and wait for 3 whistles

Step 11: Add Coriander and server hot.

Fish Curry

Lets see how to make fish curry in this post

Step 1: Add onions, tomato, ginger garlic paste, garam masala , and spices to a bowl.
Step 2: Grind the ingredients in the bowl in a mixer and keep it separately.
Step 3: Wash fish under running water.
Step 4: Marinate the fish with salt, fish masala and turmeric.
Step 5: Fry the fish in a pan and keep separate.
Step 6: Add finely grated onions, spring onions ,curry leaves and tomato to the cooker and fry.
Step 7: Add salt and fish curry masala.
Step 8: Add the ground paste into the cooker.
Step 9: Add fried fish into the cooker and stir well.
Step 10: Heat under low flame in the cooker and wait for 2 whistles.
Step 11: Add coriander and server hot.


Why offline Shopping???

Though online shopping provides good prizing, checking photograph of others wearings clothes or having gadgets does not provide all the necessary information you want as in offline shopping.
While buying clothes offline we can check the size and best fit which is not possible in online shopping. Though most online shoppers provide a size range, different brands have different sizes.
We can’t touch and feel the cloth material. You hardly get an idea of the texture of the cloth by looking at the picture
Once the dress is delivered you might not be satisfied with the color, since color on the picture and the real cloth may be completely different due to camera lighting and other factors.
Quick exchange is effortless in offline shopping .There might be no exchange or the process may take minimum of two to four days in online shopping.
The happiness you get out of going to the store picking a dress, trying it on and asking your buddies how it looks on you is gone if you shop online looking at photograph of others and how they look in it.
Demerits of buying gadgets online
After buying a washing machine or any other electronic gadget you might come across a situation where online centers do not respond to warranty claims and there are no service centers.
You have to wait for days for the ordered product to be delivered.In traditional shopping you walk into a store buy some product and you feel great walking out of the shop with it.
Though online shopping provides good prizing, there is no hourly changing discounts in retail stores.You are ensured you get the best and at a reasonable prize if you know the right place to shop.
It is better to go to the store , look at the specifications and shop offline.


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