Artist . physical therapist . artist

Distinctively implementing exceptional creativity

to the art that is within movement

art of movement

Unique philosophy to help generate, regenerate and restore the mobility, stability and strength of movement to do the things we want to do.

figure drawings

Quickly capturing the essence and individual gesture of any living thing, most often the human figure.

Watercolor monotypes

Playful, open-minded, and unrestrained processes using watercolor monotype printing on rice paper.


Energetically traveling into communities throughout Idaho sharing this life transforming information through my knowledge and my art.

pediatric and adult practice

One-on-one skilled physical therapy implementing effective core strengthening and resetting of the nervous system for adults and children in Idaho Falls, ID.


Inviting and intimate settings scheduled throughout the year for exhibiting my large watercolor monotypes and figures.

My artist chop is used like a signature. It is BZ pronounced Beazy and is short for my name Beazer. The square shape is reminiscent of Asian art and art deco.

To read more about this check out my artist chop blog.

It takes a very long time to become young.
-Pablo Picasso

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