They're all scared of Pieter.

My grandmother was nearly sixty when she entered menopause.

They sell various kinds of goods at that store.

Did you hear that they canceled that jazz festival?

After breakfast, I brush my teeth.

Yours is bigger than mine.

The scenery diverted the driver's attention from the road.

There was a chain-reaction crash during rush hour.


Tea without ice.

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Is there anything I can do for you before I leave?

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I'll be there tomorrow.

A Mr. Ito wants to see you.

Damn it, Jim. I said no!

At first Milner had thought of renting out her house; but everyone advised her to sell it.

If I had had enough money, I would have bought the bag.

Why don't you sing something for me?

Are you sure you're supposed to be here?


This benefits no one.

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Do you accept credit cards?

She has never sung a song with him.

Part stared at Rob with hatred.

What were you doing in my house?

Sorry I couldn't save you.

They had to stay at home all day.

I want to do it right this time.

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My level 9 barbarian has been killed.

I would like to meet his father.

Louis stopped typing.

Students from Asia studying abroad speak English too, just as Japanese students do.

I think I have a solution.

The organization is not connected with any political parties.

You don't look all that happy.

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The more I try to forget about my ex-boyfriend, the more I think about him.

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Joe is madly in love with that girl.

Let's get divorced.

He died when he was seventy years old.

Winston has a nice car.

The old man lives by himself.

He will not change his mind in spite of my advice.

I wanted to let you know about that, but Evelyn told me not to say anything.


My girlfriend is Canadian.

I don't understand this question at all.

President Roosevelt agreed to help.


I can't imagine life without Jeffery.

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I knew they'd get me in the end.

They will set sail for Bombay next Monday.

We speak the same language, don't we?

Such conduct does not become a gentleman.

Everyone's talking about what Stewart did.

He greeted the woman.

Are you happy?

Wind up the clock.

You seem to have mistaken me for my older brother.

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I was hoping that you'd answer a few questions.

I understand why you were there.

You're no younger than I am.

She was approaching thirty when I first met her.

My dream is to become a famous singer.


I wish you good luck with your new responsibilities.

His salary is 250 thousand yen per month.

So this is Lady Evans.


He was at pains to finish his work.

Was the Missouri Compromise legal?

After the trip, we felt very tired.


I need to know when to come.

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I think we'll never be able to afford that kind of car.


The hole is about five feet across.

You should wash your hands before each meal.

My feet are smaller than your feet.

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Maarten is not overly friendly.

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We can meet in the middle of the afternoon.

Do you intend to come tomorrow?

The advantages of replacing human workers with robots are the following: robots don't need salary, robots don't get tired, and, most importantly, robots don't complain about their boss.


Mr Johnson's house is next to my house.

I should've finished that sooner.

Don't worry Cristopher, it's nothing to be alarmed about.

It's been done before.

The policeman looked over my license.


Hold on a minute, please. I'll see if he is in.


We knew a lot of songs, too.


Sharon is at a dinner party.

Youth is the springtime of life, but there are also springtimes that are rained out.

Bring Pratapwant back.

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This material is ruined.

Don't you want to ask me what I want?

Would you like to have a glass of water?


Jacques and Clyde know what happened.

Carolyn probably thought I was thirsty.

You haven't been cooperating with us, John. It's time you got with the program.

What? Does it please you?

I had to accept it.

Your job must keep you pretty busy.

Let's synchronize our watches.

Lievaart fell in love with Charley at first sight.

Excuse me; allow me to point out three errors in the above article.


Marie asked me a lot of questions.

The police found gunshot residue on Guy's hands.

I told him of our plans, but he seemed uninterested.

It's ready now.

They were buying time.

This whole subject is clearly a sore spot with Jarvis.

When summer is over, the days grow shorter and shorter.

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Why is everything so difficult?

Australia is one of the countries I want to visit before I die.

Why can't they be stopped?

If they had offered you the job, would you have accepted it?

Susan eats like a bird and leaves most of the food on her plate.

Can you elaborate?

In 1962, he ran for governor, and lost.


Do you have any questions for us?

Do you know how they knew?

I have two brothers and one sister.

We've got to handle this with kid gloves.

This lady witnessed an accident at three o'clock this afternoon.

I've got to be free.

Anne has been hospitalized.

Julian has been like this for several hours.

A clove cigarette miasma made navigating the pub like swimming underwater.

That thought crossed my mind.

He abused our trust.


If I had known her address, I would have written her a letter.


I suppose you like it.


Many of these things were not needed.


Apart from that, I don't know anything.

Klaudia was arrested, convicted and deported.

Why are you sitting on my chair?

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Caroline has started to get a few wrinkles on his forehead.

I'll be back soon.

Kick misery out the door and it will return through the window.


Has anyone talked to Sonja about this?

You may kiss me if you like.

I worry about you.

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I wouldn't want to see you get hurt.


Amy made me cry.

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I heard Gerard tapping his foot to the music.


Barrett is still waiting for Siegurd.

She thought to the contrary.

What's your favorite TV show theme song?

I got sick.

This word-processor is very convenient.

Bonnie might still be in the hospital.

You can't put two saddles on the same horse.

What percentage of all taxi drivers make unscrupulous detours, do you think?

I'm the boss.

His object is to pass the test.

Even though I studied English for 6 years in school, I'm not good at speaking it.

I was taking a bath when the telephone rang.

How did it get here?

This problem may have gotten over my head.

You know that Santa is in love with you, don't you?


Merril is dubious.

Let me think about it a bit longer.

Rayan has done so much.

I know I look terrible. It was an awfully long flight.

It will do him no harm.


Nowadays, a woman who is an auto mechanic is "cool", while a man hairdresser is automatically titled as "gay" by many.


You said I should do that.

Let's keep an eye on Ariel.

My son is a journalist.