I like English better than maths.

Fortunately, no lives were lost.

You can stand up if you want to.

All the bedrooms have a bathroom and a television set.

Barbra locked the door.

This is the first time I've ever lent money to Elaine.

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His life came to a close.

I'm afraid of injections.

Eliot is mean.

She went on reading and didn't answer me.

Vince can't put up with Hein's behavior anymore.

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Junior, why don't we go into a group together?

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The cat was not impressed.


They implemented a communication policy so as to promote their new concept.

I told you I loved you.

He began to play an old song.


I'm coming for her.

I insist that I'm innocent.

You don't have to worry about Shean anymore.

Jeff always seems so disorganized.

Do whatever you think is right.


Large amounts of timber are used in paper making.

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Hunter rose to the challenge.

Are you bringing anyone?

I wasn't lying.

You were never my type.

Johnny will be catching the next flight back to Boston.

Health coexists with temperance.

It's not easy to understand his ideas.


She sat on a hard chair.

That's how we do it in French.

What's up with you and them?

Grace has a loose tongue.

He has a nice rod.

Randy tipped the barrel over.

If you left now, it would have disastrous consequences.

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You can see a lot of stars in the sky.

You will eat.

I was named Robert by my grandfather.

Please turn out the lights when you leave.

Herbert didn't want to talk to his wife.

I value our friendship.

Ian came to Brazil.

That doesn't make much sense.

Five businesswomen started an association that would eventually become a powerful national lobby.

Tamara seemed like a soul in despair since she was always lonely, downcast, and melancholic.

I really don't think we need this.


You told me you had a nice ass. Was that a misleading statement then?

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It seems my dreams never come true.

Don't treat me as if I were a child.

The family is the most basic unit of society.


The statement was not timely.

You need to press the button.

Perhaps I should talk to him.


Is there life before death?

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Steven had trouble getting online.

Sundar suffered from a heart attack and almost died waiting for the ambulance.

Randall had to borrow money to put into his savings account so that his cheque wouldn't bounce.


Po is my husband's middle name.


Barney has not yet made up his mind.

He tends to take sides with the weaker party.

I wonder if you could help us.


Cyrus wouldn't let anyone in his room.


It was the worst day of my life.


Vilhelm doesn't live near his office.


I put the bag on or beside the chair.

It costs more to make a penny, than a penny is worth.

Isn't Colin something?

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We'll protect each other.

Kiyiv is the mother of Ruthenian cities.

Be reasonable.


I should've paid more attention in French class.

Like it or not, you have to do it.

Sleep is more pleasant than death. At least, there's not much difference.

It's inconceivable that you would talk on the phone whilst behind the wheel.

I was just saying the very same thing to John.


He acquiesced in his father's decision.

Elisabeth's French has improved quite a lot.

Winter does not look real without snow.


Don't get mad, promise.

I need body lotion.

Have you watched television tonight?

To forgive is not difficult, difficult to believe again ....

Dave had no place to go.

Deb is worried.

Art has no limits.

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Is he all right?

Are you annoyed by this?

The tails of comets can reach 150 million kilometers in length!


The Libyan government is ready to close ''Bit.ly''.


It's getting hotter and hotter.

I need to repair that.

The government pushed the bill through the Diet.

I'm going.

The war brought about death and destruction in the city.

The water is boiling away.

We eat bread and butter for lunch.

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She has located Clark.

Hit the brakes!

I left the rest to him and went out.

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I saw a woman who I thought was Shamim's mother.

Here's your bag.

The snow that had piled up on the roof at night came down with a thud.


I still have a lot of questions I want to ask you about your relationship with Matt.


I'll get off at the next station.

Don't disturb him.

Caleb went to the barber shop.

Slip of the tongue.

You're psychic.

Of course, I told Takayuki.

I'm on a top secret mission.

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It just so happened that I was free last Sunday.

He hates her parents.

I completely understand that.

This subject is not within the scope of our study.

Whose firm do you represent?

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He owed large amounts of money.

He's Mr. Jones.

Let's sue him.

What was it supposed to mean?

I don't want to leave Boston.

You have to make Presley believe you.

Elwood has been in the bathroom for quite a while.


She did it the old fashioned way.

Lead is a metal.

I do programming in PHP

She looks young, but actually she's older than you are.

Was Kieran a king or will he be?

Under the circumstances, I don't think Milner would mind.

Goethe's personal vocabulary consisted of about eighty thousand words.

What did Jeremy go outside for?

I will go there by plane.


Can you help me with Japanese?

The people stood up so as to see the parade better.

He was groomed from a young age to take over the family business.

I'll put my guitar back in the car.

I don't agree and I will tell you why.

Reid intimidated Hiroyuki.

He feels the prize to be the superior.

Stupidity is universal.

Stuart is reckless, isn't he?

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Did you know that, too?


The horses make dust as they run.

Jamie has never lived anywhere other than Boston.

Where did you scatter them?

I need to get away from Kathleen.

I think these attitudes are behind the times.

Who would send me flowers?

Today's movie is The Sound of Music.

Does this look familiar?

I want to know when my baggage is going to arrive.


Give her a chance.

He shouldn't have done that.

Don't treat me like a kid.


The south had no money to rebuild.

I'm not hungry yet.

We can pay 100 dollars at most.

My brother is an immature boy.

You're learning Irish.

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Lorien used to be married to Toft.