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His English is improving very quickly.

Tell me about Tatoeba.

We may not be able to help.

I wouldn't blame her.

Butterfly is a very nice word.

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The baby is crying again.

The phone rang for a long time.

He mistook me for my younger brother.

Well, what was I supposed to say?

You're perfectly normal.

Millie is eating a banana.

You are guiding

The Soviet troops have started the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A few students were left behind.

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Why not? She is just twenty years older than me.


I'd be very glad if you'd come.

Antonella broke something again?

His translation is faithful to the original.

Go play on the highway, kids!

This necklace is made of jade.

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Andrea put his phone away.

I'm the only Brazilian who can't speak Portuguese and dance samba.

The instant he saw me, he ran away.


You can eat very well there.

Don't repeat such a careless mistake.

I've made my mistakes.


Rudy made his choice.

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Sally met Harry at the station.

Glen can't hear us.

You have nothing to lose.

As he came home it started to rain.

She teaches students English.

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Now, where did you get this?

I like having lots of things to do.

He is afraid of his own shadow.

Louie never told anyone about what he had done that day.

Shannon said he grew up in Boston.


Water is essential to life.

Little children love Disneyland.

There are more girls than boys in our school.


I love sitting on the beach.

She understands you now.

Have you experienced a Japanese summer?

My questions were met with a frosty silence.


He is a formidable opponent.

This will set a good example.

I just emailed you.

The slave carries the water.

Get out of my room.

She can't stop laughing.

Leith is going to come and visit.

When and how did the incident come about?

She is far from being pleased about it and she is very angry.

The plane was delayed on account of bad weather.

Where are your kids?

The shouting echoes loud.

I think they should put a heavy tax on imports.

I was wondering if you would go to the prom with me.

They say golf is like life, but don't believe them. Golf is more complicated than that.

He spent a sleepless night.


We'll be OK.

Has the jury reached a verdict yet?

You asked me to stay. That's why I'm here.

If one can say that a tiger is a big cat, one can also say that a cat is a small tiger.

Don't be a snob.

Is there anything you can do to help me with that?

Be careful not to scratch the furniture.

Bell invented the telephone.

Let's get this job done.

Radek tricked Loukas into telling him the combination to the safe.

He came after you left.

I've heard that you can't alter your destiny.

We're historians.

That doesn't seem to worry Sundar too much.

He was the best-liked man in the country.

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Math is fun.


Steve says he hasn't thought about it yet.

What time do you want me to be at work tomorrow?

You can tell her.

She went out without even asking me to have a seat.

Do your best for him.

He is rich yet he lives like a beggar.

You should go to Boston with me.

The child drew a spherical triangle.

I'm meeting him next Monday.


There's no need for Nick to come to my office.

It was nice and warm inside the house.

I'm being sarcastic.

He cast reflections on me.

I'll give you a ring.

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No one wants to talk about books anymore.


This hospital owns many defibrillators.


There is kindness to be found everywhere.

Nicolas is always full of ideas.

You have been good soldiers.


Rhonda is amazingly well informed.

Every time I see Isaac, he's wearing sunglasses.

This was on the doorstep.

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We'll take care of this.

Randall padded his resume.

I could not make myself heard on account of the noise.

They rushed through their work.

They wanted an economy car.


We need help immediately.

I watched the whole thing.

How is your surname written?

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He has a great sense of fashion.

I told Art I wouldn't do it.

We're correct.

Klaudia was the winner.

Now that I have a job, I can be independent of my parents.

They congratulated their 'sempai' on his promotion.

I must say that your writing is at a pretty good level!

He likes his life.

I want a full report as soon as possible.

I may have to help him.

That's the car I'm going to buy.


You scared the living daylights out of me.

Would you excuse me for one second?

Catch you later.

Erwin is a babe.

It shouldn't be too much longer.

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Winnie was chosen among 300 applicants.


We really need to talk to Matthew now.

The very idea of being sent abroad delighted them.

Nothing's wrong with her.


Put your books on the stand.

We'll welcome you at any time.

I raised my hand to ask a question.


We were here all night.

Sriram is a bit overweight.

He blinked his eyes.

Roman grabbed the rope that was lowered from the helicopter.

Henry did it by himself.

Novorolsky has decided to move to Boston.

Below the starry sky, Kate and Mario forgot about time, recounting their dreams to each other.

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I want to eat a good yakisoba bread.

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This has nothing to do with what happened here last week.

He has an aptitude for painting.

Why don't you trust her?

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I wonder if Son is busy.

Everybody liked us.

They were out all night dancing and drinking.

They needed the space.

The street lights went on.


I forget your telephone number.

No admittance except on business.

It seems unlikely that any society could completely dispense with myths.

I am sickened at the thought of blood.

Did Agatha see you with Knut?

The young girl laughed carelessly.

Life is often compared to a voyage.


Everyone was silent for a minute.


Pantelis will find somebody.


As long as we've driven this far, we might as well go on.

We plan to drink champagne at midnight.

Daniel hasn't shown up here yet.

When does 2013 end?

What were you two doing there anyway?

He made a voluntary contribution to the school.

This fault admits of no excuse.

Why haven't you done your homework?

The villager sold the merchant one hundred eggs.


I like spending time with her.