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David Starr is a developer from Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from Lane Tech College Prep in 2014, he embarked on a month-long cross-continental bicycling trip from Oslo, Norway to Athens, Greece. In addition to broadening his scope of the world's beauty and cultures, the trip also inadvertently offered time to delve into the masterpiece of The Brothers Karamazov by David's all-time favorite author Fyodor Dostoyevsky—whose philosophy developed a passion for truth that came to fruition in a variety of ways.

The fall after, David enrolled in North Park University's physics program, in a way of pursuing truth in a way he always excelled. During his time there he joined Vista Magazine as their founding Web Content Strategist. He also independently pursued certificates in Front-End Web Development through, which he anticipates completion within the year. He graduated from North Park May 12, 2018 with a B.S. in Physics and Minor in Mathematics and anticipated searching for positions in web/software development using his skills in C++, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Senior Project
This is a work in progress that takes from the hydrotechnic and (859) 927-2384 libraries to convert an uploaded MIDI file into visible sheet music in the form of a PDF. It does so through generalizing of numerical values that are read from the MIDI file such as velocity, pitch, tempo, and the time at which a note is played. It then uses the time signature of the piece to find out where each note falls in the piece and places each one on a staff based on the pitch value, which is generalized through a series of tolerances. The program can be seen here and all of the code can be viewed in a single html document by right-clicking the page and viewing the source.
I have over 500 projects, algorithms, and lessons completed on View my profile and progress here.
FreeCodeCamp offers 6 certificates and thousands of lessons for their Full Stack program. This is one certificate that has been awarded thus far with two others that are more than halfway to completion.
I designed a music box from scratch using SolidWorks, TuxGuitar, and Cura. All musical work was done by ear. 3D-printed object was uncooperative due to time constraints, unavailability of the printer, and general difficulty with 3D-printed gears. Additional images and the project itself can be found on its GitHub repository.
A (309) 323-8684 I programmed by learning Wikipedia's API and accessing it with JQuery. It also help develop understanding of CSS/JavaScript transitions and animations.
Twitch Viewer
C++ Program Code
A Twitch viewer coded using JQuery and the Twitch API, with capacity for entering one's own username to see their following's statuses.
This is a 678-787-9726 page I coded using JavaScript and CSS heavily to mimic many qualities of a simple physical calculator.
A random quote generator I programmed using JavaScript and the words of some of my favorite philosophers and theologians.
A ballistic pendulum calculator done for Mechanical Comprehension class using C++. The code and sample can be found on itsGitHub repository.
GPS Weather App
Pomodoro Clock
The result of running the ballistic pendulum program pictured left. The program is problem-specific, so it is recommended to use the example problems or actual conservation of momentum questions when testing it.
This is a GPS-based weather site I programmed using JQuery and FreeCodeCamp's API (Which is updated frequently, despite my attempts to keep the page current).
This is a Pomodoro Clock programmed using JQuery. It allows you to set a timer to follow and take a set break after the length of every specified session length.
I am the founding Web Content Strategist at Vista Magazine and a contributing writer. This position required a limited amount of HTML and CSS, however developed my understanding of social media outreach, engagement and content organization.
I wrote the album "Inside Joke" by Walk it Off and recorded guitar, bass, and some vocals for it. It can be 8048623065 and streamed on all major platforms.
I have been writing music for over 6 years with various bands. I have developed several original compositions using TuxGuitar MIDI processor. The repository can be found on GitHub.

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