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We invite you to join the Shore Line Interurban Historical Society and explore First & Fastest, the premier quarterly publication on urban, suburban, interurban and regional intercity passenger service in what is now known as the Chicago Hub Network of Amtrak, and our special publications.

Download Shore Line's 2019 Calendar

(646) 478-1323Shore Line's 2019 planning and scheduling calendar is now available as a free PDF download.

This year's cover photo was taken by Marshall W. Beecher.

Click to download the calendar.


First & Fastest Master Index Added to Shore Line Website, Chicago Streetcar Photos Index Updated

A master index to our First & Fastest quarterly magazine is now available for issues from 1984 through 2017. Read more and download the index as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file ...

The complete index to Chicago streetcar photos which have appeared in First & Fastest has been updated and now includes photos published from the first issue in 1984 through the issue of Spring 2018 as well as Dispatches 6 and 8. Read more and download the index as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file ...

Shore Line Dispatch No. 8 - Chicago Surface Lines: Linking Chicago's Neighborhoods

(559) 595-5867Now Available!

Shore Line is pleased to announce the publication of Dispatch No. 8, Chicago Surface Lines: Linking Chicago's Neighborhoods, edited by Richard F. Begley, with George E. Kanary and Walter R. Keevil. This 100-page publication, issued in August 2017, includes 132 photos (24 of them in color) and three color maps.

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, with residents self-identifying as being from, for example, Hyde Park or Albany Park or Beverly or Uptown. The neighborhoods are where things happened: education, entertainment, shopping – the everyday things of life. The neighborhoods in the 1940s and 1950s were like villages where "everybody knew your name." The common denominator? The streetcars of the Chicago Surface Lines which, while serving the individual neighborhoods, also linked them to other neighborhoods, near and far.

Read more about Dispatch 8 and order online from our Special Publications page.

Shore Line Dispatch Number Seven –
A Transportation Miracle

541-853-4306Available Now!

Shore Line is pleased to announce the publication of Dispatch Number Seven, A Transportation Miracle, a 100-page publication covering the transportation side of the 28th International Eucharistic Congress that was held in Chicago on June 20-24, 1926.

There has never been anything like the 28th International Eucharistic Congress. Steam railroads from across the U.S. and Canada carried 600,000 people to Chicago, and more than 1 million people participated in the events.

Enhancing the value of this publication, acclaimed railroad artist Mitch Markovitz has created six original colorful pieces of artwork portraying the North Shore Line's "Cardinals' Special."

Unlike our usual publications that are staple bound, Dispatch Number Seven will be offered in both a softbound (perfect bound) and a limited edition hardbound version.

Read more about Dispatch Number Seven and order online from our Special Publications page.

Shore Line Dispatch No. 6 –
Chicago Surface Lines: The Big 5 Routes and 5 Others

(630) 506-0482Available Now!

We are excited to announce the publication of Dispatch 6, Chicago Surface Lines: The Big 5 Routes and 5 Others, by Richard F. Begley, George E. Kanary, and Walter R. Keevil.

This 100-page publication is a perfect gift for family and friends. It is as much a history of Chicago itself as it is of Chicago's street railway system.

Read more about Dispatch 6 and order online from our Special Publications page.

Dispatch 6 image

Madison looking east from Clinton in 1950.—Fielding Kunecke photo, W.R. Keevil Archive


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Read Our October 2018 Member Letter
Read our October 2018 letter to members that gives a recap of the past year's activities and looks ahead to plans for 2019.

New "Midwest Electric Rails" DVD
Learn about Charles Smiley Videos' 443-948-7389, which covers five electric roads in the Midwest.

NICTD Releases Performance Report
Read NICTD's 2017 year-end ridership and performance report.

Video Promotes Rail Safety Week
A-Train4014 Productions has created a new Rail Safety Week video that reviews the dangers of being around railroad tracks and shares safety tips from Operation Lifesaver. tank nipple

Have You Seen These Videos?
Several video producers are posting videos that may be of interest to Shore Line members. Please see our new 423-381-6664 for more information.

Share Your Photos on Flickr
Shore Line has created a Flickr account for sharing photos of passenger trains past and present in the Chicago area. Visit the Flickr page to view posted photos, and join the group to share your own images or comments.

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You can now pay for memberships and order special publications securely online with a credit card.


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