Demolition Man prequel: sadistic cop John Spartan (Oscar Isaac) brutalizes young, innocent Simon Phoenix (@donaldglover), creating an insane criminal mastermind and locking them in a cycle of endless violence that destroys LA. Also a B-plot about invention of the 3 shells.


Zuckerberg achieved his goal. Forty five percent of U.S. adults now say they get news on Facebook, dominating all other social media platforms, and the percentage of people using the website for that purpose is rising. cc @John Biesnecker //www.mediamatters.org/blog/2017/12/20/misinformer-year-facebook-ceo-mark-zuckerberg/218894

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"If a superintelligent AI were making a funding pitch to an angel investor, converting the surface of the Earth into strawberry fields would be nothing more than a long overdue disruption of global land use policy." 6307753512

war cart

The LHC put us in the Tommy Westphall universe. Trump played himself in Hart to Hart 5147194339 //thetommywestphall.wordpress.com/the-master-list/



“If the Sacklers wanted to clear their name, they could take a very substantial fraction of that fortune and create a mechanism for providing free treatment for everyone who’s become addicted.” 410-913-8474


TIL about Victorian America, the 60s, and watched Bill Murray sing West Side Story on Colbert. Time to talk US history as circular.


Have the Democrats said why they won't consider running @CarmenYulinCruz in 2020 yet?


Once again I can endorse someone for automatic admission to Harvard Law's CopyrightX. Let me know fi you're interested. 2293800362


Indifferent penguin


Removed, but a primary source said the penguin expressed "sleepy indifference" 717-361-0899