Where's your father?

You're unoriginal.

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He went to work in spite of his illness.

Put your bracelet on.

The divers were trapped in the cave.

Harvey pulled out a handkerchief and blew his nose.

Had it not been for his aid, I could not have finished the work.

When will Mother come home?

I'm not being paid enough.

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Moses tried to poison Art's dog.

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Forget the whole thing.

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Johann agreed for the job.

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I let them buy it for me.


What do we need to do?

Boyce likes meeting celebrities.

Grant us peace!

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Cris has always said I have a sick sense of humor.

You were absent from school yesterday.

The server is lagging again.

"Why are you duct-taping that cheeseburger to the wall?" "It's a form of art."

He is going to be in charge.


Ripe bananas have the yellow colour.


The site of the condominium is enclosed with stakes.

Whether we find a joke funny or not largely depends on where we have been brought up.

One stayed and the other went away.

Savages fear the appearance of a fierce wild beast.

I'd never do that to her.


A free press is essential for democracy.

I haven't seen Lance lately.

The whistle of the steam train woke us at daybreak.

I'm sorry that I didn't email you sooner.

We invited him to the dinner party.

Bertrand gets mad when she thinks her parents are judging her.

They are not my friends.

What do I get out of it?

I'm sorry, I can't do this.

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The ocean is really big.

Meeks is making magazine covers.

Lanny will never willingly go there by himself.

We don't have to starve.

The more money we have, the more we want.

That's actually really dangerous.

Tribbles are animals that multiply quickly, as seen in a popular show.

A baby comes to chew foods.

Ned is really cool, isn't he?


Will newspapers be able to survive?

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The girl was badly injured in the traffic accident.


I'm an actress, not a model.


In the next four years, 15 billion euros must be saved.

We stayed behind to help them.

Let's concentrate on the future, OK?

Could you keep still, everyone?

Snow reflects ultraviolet light.

I want to make it right.

Hy promised he'd help us on Monday.

He has got as many as fifty novels written in English.

Do you really think you can do that by yourself?


Keep an eye on the girls.

It is hardly conceivable to me that he will fail.

The smell of last night's dinner was still lingering in the kitchen.

His words and action do not accord.

It was one of the worst TV Shows of the 1990s.

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Piotr left, leaving Pradeep alone with John.

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The moon was on the lake.

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How did you come up with this crazy idea?

You've got me curious.

The directions are simple.


It's very easy to become famous when you're very well-known.


I just needed more room.


I should've gone camping with you guys last weekend.


Bruno sleeps on his back.

Stop in anytime.

He couldn't stop smiling.

I just want to get off this bus.

He carried a cane.


I'd like to book a double room.

Pieter was wearing a mask.

I'm going to put it in my room.

Gail is gullible.

I'm feeling a little nervous right now.

I'm afraid it's not a good idea.

Gunnar can play the guitar, but not very well.

He is a student at Harvard.

My sister always makes fun of me.


If that woman will love me for who I am for a lifetime, I would marry her.


He readily agreed to it.

Let me try it on.

I am handsome?

I was disappointed in her.

The butter on the bread is very good.

Where is the bread?

Your composition is very good, and it has few mistakes.

Is there someone with you?

She's the only one who's not stabbed me in the back.

You're entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts.

We work by day and rest by night.

Don't be worried.

How I suffer!


I have a black and white speckled dog.

Amarth sometimes says things he doesn't really believe.

She plays golf every weekend.

We're certain.

Where have you been this week?


Americans are worried that illegal migrants are threatening the nation's culture and economy.

Patrick said that he didn't mean to be late.

It might be too late to do anything about that.


Do you think Frances has already gone to bed?

Germany isn't Kurdistan.

What are we dealing with here?

Such evidence is clearly inadmissible in court as it has been tempered with.

I wonder if I'll ever get married.

Let's have a drink first.

When will Rob get back home?

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I miss you constantly.

Buy me a drink.

He has no authority over his own children.

Don't be too rough on her.

I have a collection of towels I've stolen from many different hotels I've stayed at.

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The garden in which stands my humble abode is separated only by a lane from Rosings Park, her ladyship's residence.


I don't know who to consult with.

What's John doing right now?

Which color do you think Monica prefers?

I pleased you, right?

Blayne didn't come back until after 2:30.

I just have one quibble with this product.

My grandmother texts faster than you.

We arrived here at six yesterday evening.

I want you to go back over to other side.

They are investigating the mystery of the universe thoroughly.

It isn't safe here.


How did this happen to you?

Ginny took some food home.

Keep an eye on the child for me for a moment.

I hope Casey loses.

I'm sorry, but we don't have much time.


The rise in prices is pressing our family budget.

Have you brought the book?

There is a page missing from this report.

This white coat will look very nice on you.

The new document system is worth $4,000.

I have a brother and a sister. My brother lives in Tokyo and my sister lives in Nagano.

That isn't a good reason.

I was surprised to come across vending machines that sell cans of coffee, where you can even choose between hot and cold ones.

It is no wonder that he should say such a thing.

You doubt, so you exist.

I regard him as the best person for the job.

You stopped it, didn't you?

I'm not going to study French anymore.

I have a feeling that I have been here before.

I was thinking about going to a movie. Do you want to go with me?

Do you think I'm being too cautious?

We had to let them go.


You can write in English or Spanish. I'll translate for you.

His notions were what is called advanced.

Suwandi didn't know the rules.

On Sunday, I go to church.

Art looked out at the crowd.


Susanne was grateful that he had changed the subject.

Your handwriting is very good.

He burst the door open and nearly took it off the hinges.

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Floyd didn't want to waste any more time calculating how much time had been wasted.

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It's very difficult to put things in order.