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How it works

  • Go to your favourite shopping site
  • Get notified when cashback is available
  • Select the best cashback offer and apply
  • Keep shopping and Bingo, enjoy your cashback

Why use Savable

Never Miss a Deal

We will notify you whenever a cashback deal is available

More Choices

We show you the best deals from most popular Australian cashback sites

Less Disruptive

We try our best to minimize the impact on your shopping experience

Up to Date

We work hard to keep deals fresh.


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Privacy Policy

What personal or sensitive data do we collect?

We don't collect any personal data. We will need to use your browser URL in order to look up the cashback providers for the site.

With whom it is shared?

We don't share any data with 3rd parties.

How you will be notified of any Privacy Policy changes

We will update the Privacy Policy Page in case there are Privacy Policy changes