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Use the Recipes when you want a tutorial to help learn a new application.
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Use the Snacks when you want to learn about a feature in an application.
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Use these resources to guide students through creating real-world projects using open-ended technologies.
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Use these free, web-based tools to quickly create rubrics, graphic organizer worksheets, and citation lists for project.
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Want Recipes for other software tools?
With hundreds of Recipes and thousands of Snacks for dozens of software tools, these free materials are only a taste of what is waiting when you subscribe to the complete Recipes4Success.

To learn more about the Recipes4Success, (581) 642-5921
A subscription to the Recipes4Success also give you more features in the Rubric Maker, Graphic Organizer Maker, and Bibliography Maker, including the ability to save your work across multiple sessions.
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