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What exactly happened with Jem?

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The total came to ten dollars.

I really liked that.

They asked a question that was right on the mark.

Oliver is wearing a blue bandana on his head.

It does make a difference.

Remember it.

How would they find out?

Vadim intended to visit Boston last month.

Actually, it's very easy to learn.


I lost your number.

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Give your thoughts some space!

Look at that pole in the square.

Compared to his father, he is shallow.

The burglar broke into the house under the cover of night.

Behave yourself while I'm gone.

Keep away from bad company.

I need a vacation tonight.


There's no way to know where he went.

He is not capable of buying a car and certainly not a house.

What did you miss?

I did a good job.

She's very understanding.

I assume Rich was kidding.

Were you a friend of Kimmo's?

I met him in Tokyo by chance.

I wanted to help Angus build his house.


He waited for his master.

I had a mishap.

I would like to but I have a required course tonight.

I got back from Europe in September.

What's Shai's brother's name?

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Line up in single file.

Frederic is looking for his car keys.

I had no idea you were a member at this club.


It really does stink in here.


I used to go out a lot when I was younger.

That's just what I was going to say.

What's been stolen?

Marcel let out a big sigh.

You have everything you need now.


I was told my tear duct was blocked.

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The electrode melted and mixed with the steel.


I can't remember how to spell her name.

This is the moment I've been waiting for all my life.

Before retiring he usually dumps the chicken feed from all his pockets onto the table.

The lust denies the need.

Piete called her Syd even though that wasn't really her name.


On the one hand, I very much want to help you, but on the other, I already have previous commitments.

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Shuvra can't do anything else right now.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a football player.

All excess is abominable.

I had instant noodles as a midnight snack.

Let's find somewhere to sit at the front.

Read the kind of books that are useful to you.

I knew you wouldn't believe me.


Tharen has been living in the woods by himself for the last three years.

Put your hands on your head.

I don't recognize the number.

Her musical talent was indifferent.

Careful as he was, he made an unexpected mistake.


They will find them.


Who did you think we were?

I met him on my way home from school.

As a teetotaler, Clark dislikes being around drunks.

Today is not good for me.

Maybe we should ask someone for directions.

Can I get a little help?

He tried to behave as bravely as possible while he was being held hostage.

Patricio stood on the sidewalk talking to Monica.

Sonja discovered that Sigurd had committed suicide.

I cannot dance worth a damn.

Fletcher's room was surprisingly tidy.

I'm going to make a little fruit salad for everyone.

She always lets her children do what they want to.

We often use gestures to convey simple messages.

He's going back to America.

I know I should stay a little bit longer.

Monica is drowning!


I thought you said you liked Pantelis.


He stuffed the money into his pocket.


I went to see his older sister last week.

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It was the increase in population that caused the poverty.

She fell into a trap in her turn.

This novel is too difficult for me to read.

I don't understand what all of the fuss is about.

The medicine gave instant relief.

I know what you're going to say.

Oedipus thought for a long while.

Can we take a break?

Skip reacted negatively.

Thanks for coming over.

I taught my sister how to drive.

The company didn't make any effort to improve its business practices.

A man appeared from behind the door.

He's in his late fifties.

The idea to propose computer-based training to salaried employees is maturing in businesses.


The apple trees will probably start to blossom next week.

You are too sensitive to noise.

I never lied to him.

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I wasn't honest with Duke.

Sidney laid his keys on the kitchen table.

Would you prefer milk or coffee?

I just wanted some advice from someone who's already been to Boston.

I frequently talk to her.

Dawn is sick.

If Kevyn had had something to throw, he'd have thrown it.

We can only know her approximate age.

But for everybody's support, I would not have passed the examination.

It is outrageous that you should spend so much money.

Maybe Isaac is right.


I want bread.

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps.

He was put in a cell.

Can you remember the first time you went swimming?

In no country other than England, it has been said, can one experience four seasons in the course of a single day.

Everybody loves Izumi.

I think they want you to do it.

I don't want to play with Lorenzo.

Everything speaks in the universe; there is nothing that doesn't have its language.

I will get up before the day is breaking.

There is no way to go there.

Do I have to have a full denture?

I have just washed the car.

He came to himself.

He worked very hard to make his dream come true.

We're glad to help.

That's pure nonsense.

Is that even a word?

She shot him with a rifle.


A lot of cars speed by on this expressway day and night.

Did you hear what I just said?

I ran into Michael and Caroline in town this afternoon.


How come I can't see him?


What's the average lifespan of a butterfly?

I don't feel like talking.

There's one thing I didn't mention.

It is love that rules the world.

It says girls born under Cancer are 'daring'.

We should do something together next weekend.

I'll surprise her.

Wilson called Jane to ask her whether she wanted him to buy some bread on his way home from work.

I love living in this marvellous town.

We're pulling out.

I think you need to eat more.

See what the problem is, OK?

Stefan was visibly nervous.

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Never forget to put out the fire.

I made the right decision.

That sounds like our tugboat horn.

Is there really any guy who has such a sad face when they mess up?

Elizabeth is standing in the back of the room.


You can't go wrong if you read the instructions carefully.

Simon is allergic to MSG.

I want to know exactly what you said to Tony.

We'll need to ask them for help.

I got here a little early today.

A little lie never hurt anybody.

The heavy rainfall has caused vegetable prices to rise daily for the last two months.

Can I stay at your place tonight?

My beloved friend: no matter where you go, I will find you.

Do you have any idea where that came from?

The street is full of cars.

The bank has already closed.

I like apples more than oranges.

They might be corrupted, but they still work hard for the people.

The tails of comets can reach 150 million kilometers in length!

We should acquaint ourselves with the facts.

Everyone is in their place.

Were you going to the train station when I saw you?

Masturbation leads to insanity.