I'd like to give this to somebody we can trust.

Don't tell her. She'll tell everyone.

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I feel that I've wasted your time.

Tell them it's an emergency.

I could tell at a glance that something was wrong.

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I will call you tomorrow morning.

I know Sherman doesn't believe in fate.

Come on, I'll give you a ride.

But as he was always spending money, and never made any more, at last the day came when he had nothing left but two shillings.

Who will you give the book to?

I'll call on you on Sunday.

Isn't it time for lunch?

Rodger has a talent for acting.

This can get tedious.

Look at it closely.

This one's a tough one.

How is Emma?

She's not just friendly but also generous.

I put it back.

If I heard a noise in the kitchen but was home alone, I would go to see what happened.

I saw Niels and his dog in the park.

You are absolutely right.


I'm just looking around.


Stop kissing strange boys!

We have forty-five (add name of currency).

Girls are strange sometimes.


The policeman told me that the last bus leaves at ten.


The crowd gathered around the speaker.

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I will wait for you.

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It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom.

I can't think of anything I'd want from you.

How much money do you owe her?


I have a couple of pieces of evidence to support my opinion.

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I went to the police.

The day is short and there is much work.

There are classes in foreign languages in our adult education project.


These government officials are corrupt.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are now ready to begin the voir dire.

Even though she was very busy, she came to see me off all the same.

What's your opinion on that?


My father has already given up smoking and drinking.


Would it be OK if I gave Brent this old suitcase?


Dalton was spot on.

I'm in the post office.

She kept smiling all the time.

He asked for my assistance.

On the beach you can spend time with your friends.


Do you really think that was what Sally wanted you to do?

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I know how to use this.

Antonella speaks French fluently.

Susie sometimes visits her father's office.


We weighed one opinion against the other.

Toufic asked me to come back tomorrow.

In about two weeks.

Dialects of English spoken in one country often bewilder speakers of English from another.

Congratulations are definitely in order.

I'm used to eating alone.

I'm not certain Blair is here.


One of the detectives seized him by the neck.

I saw her only a week ago.

They used the Internet too much because they had some underlying problem that also caused them to neglect their child.


Indra is one of our top engineers.


However, that magic power is evil and is similar to Zeref in a way.

Giles should be back before 2:30.

I have decided to weigh myself every day starting today.

I have grown out of the habit of reading comics.

These two things are completely unrelated.

He is a person you can go and steal horses with.

You'll have to handle it by yourself.

It is very hard to live up to your reputation.

I know that you still want to be with me.

Wealth does not always bring us happiness.

I knew you'd say that.


I had to tell Pam that myself.


We'll talk at dinner tonight.


I understand you were Jones's best friend.

Will was obviously drunk.

The problem at this point is that there is a problem.

She put on a coat.

Are you suggesting I was lying?

That's really bad news.

"Want to drop round my place?" "Can I?" "My parents come home late as they both work."


I hope that your parents will allow us to marry.

A man has free choice to begin love, but not to end it.

I couldn't stop staring at him.

Patricia refused to sign the contract.

I have to go to the airport to meet my cousin.

Until last night, I had never sung in French.

I showed the ticket at the gate.


Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.


Don't believe people who claim that they know everything.

I promised your mother I'd look after you.

This is one of the oldest schools in Boston.


My mother only had two children at the time.

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In summer, they used to play on the beach all day long.

What a hype!

Toufic was in pain.

I've never told anyone that my father is in prison.

What's Max going to say now?

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I deserved it.


Mario's Pub is where the action is.

He fell overboard and was drowned.

May comes after April.


King makes fun of Bruce all the time.


Kyu wanted to know where I lived.

The soldiers cornered Lex at the edge of a high cliff.

The instructions are on the package.

"Collateral damage" is a euphemism for killing innocent people to protect capital.

She cared for my children very kindly.

I will teach you how to play chess.

His eye fell on the picture on the wall.

Care aged him quickly.

How was last night?

I wanted to make a good first impression.

He can play tennis very well.

I wonder why John is always late for school.

I want a new house.


He stumbled but quickly got up on his feet again.

It wasn't my idea to hire Helen.

This makes me nervous.

May I help you ma'am?

What're you two doing?

The master gave me an order to come in.

Ram is filling out a ballot.

My parents wouldn't let me date who I wanted to date.

There's one more thing we need to discuss.

I was defending myself.

I can drive you.

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I'm a little bit hungry.


Dewey checked the TV schedule to see what was on.

It's quite pleasant.

He looks like his brother.

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That guy is totally nuts.

Brad was out yesterday.

Look over here.

I could not refuse.

I like to eat apples.

Timothy wouldn't go off and leave us, would he?

She managed to drive a car.

I've got a dangerous situation here.

Lucullo had many golden cups.

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I really have missed you.

Look at the mountain whose top is covered with snow.

Acupressure is like acupuncture, but without needles.

It's too early to tell anything.

She is my mistress!

They are both school children.

Am I correct in assuming that you wish you hadn't done that?

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I'm aware of the danger.

Eddy used to play tennis, but he doesn't anymore.

I inherited his estate.

I got lost.

The baby wept to sleep.

I want to stay in Boston until Monday.

He tried to cheer up his wife, but wasn't able to.

Have breakfast.

We're basically in a Hail Lenora situation.

Stanislaw is only pretending he's not interested.

This is a green apple.


If you have not yet paid this bill, please let us hear from you.