Determine. Design. Deploy.

Chesapeake Systems is a leading expert in determining data storage requirements, designing systems to meet those requirements and deploying those systems.


Technology Masters

We can now automate many of the tasks and workflows associated with modern content creation, manipulation, production, approval and even distribution of your rich media content.

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Changing the Way You Work

Our customers come to us with challenges. At Chesapeake Systems, we help you define and clarify the workflows that drive your processes.

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Workflow Solutions

The landscape of digital media is in perpetual flux. New solutions appear constantly in the marketplace to address demands such as more flexible cataloging, improved user-friendly editing platforms, better access and increased storage. We tackle these areas through 6 primary workflow solutions:

Our Work In The Field

We Get the Job Done

Chesapeake Systems is a team of visionaries – experts in the industry who are passionate about technology and video – who are masters at designing, integrating and deploying high-performance workflow systems and distribution processes for everyone from large-scale media enterprises to small businesses.

Your Trusted Partner

The technologies used by today’s media industries are constantly evolving. Chesapeake Systems provides an unparalleled level of support to keep our customers up and running.

We Are a Systems Integrator

For customers generating, managing and distributing rich media content, we build the technology backbone and infrastructure your organization needs for a smooth workflow.

Who is Chesa?

Chesapeake Systems is a team of visionaries – experts in the industry who are passionate about technology and video – who are masters at producing shared storage, media management and workflow automation systems for everyone from large-scale media enterprises to small businesses.

How We Work

  • Consulting

    Consultation is at the heart of what we do at Chesapeake Systems. We provide customers with detailed, nuanced, and real world-driven advice as we identify the best overall and most cost effective approach for their organization.

  • Projects

    Our scope of work ranges from designing and deploying high-performance workflow solutions to Media Asset Management systems for your media. We place your media-rich content in a highly organized, searchable workspace where we can automate manipulation, production, approval and even distribution.

  • Maintenance & Support

    The Maintenance and Support Agreement is a fundamental aspect of the service and expertise we bring to customers. Our MSA fits nicely into customers’ budgets, offering ongoing support and assistance with navigating the technology landscape.


Our Partners

Ready to Change the Way You Work?

At Chesapeake Systems, we excel in determining your needs and designing and deploying the robust infrastructure and technology solutions you need to perform your job faster and more efficiently.
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