This book says that elephants live to be over 100 years old.

The climb was worth it.


How many brothers have you got? How many sisters have you got?

I need to speak with him alone.

Eddy is a gym teacher.

I think Allan is devious.

I am going to ascertain the truth of the matter.

How come you're the only one here besides me?

Why didn't you tell us you were hurt?

Jarl is writing on the blackboard.

Guido smiled and said yes.

I'll give grandma a shirt for Christmas.

Most people see only what they want to see.

Things didn't go as planned.

Moe and I used to work for Sassan.

The baby was playing with a rattle.

Maarten didn't say anything else.


You can't have both of them.


Reading has its rules.

Klaus said he didn't want any of us to help him.

Vicki was the person who suggested we try it this way.

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I dare say he is innocent.

His conclusion is based on these facts.

Has anybody talked to Johan?

The girl lacked musical ability.

Personally, I don't think it makes any difference who wins the election.

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You should stretch properly before exercising.

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He still hasn't responded to my letter.


He doesn't show any interest in science.


She went out of the room in anger.

I wish I had your strength.

Sam pretended to be a homeless person.


How are you getting along with your work?

I decided to give Colin another chance.

You're on your own.


Who says Raghu knew?

I feel like taking a bath now.

An argument may be logically sound without being true.


Sorrel is putting on makeup.

Aya has good reason to speak perfect German.

We can't just ignore Avery.


I will never, ever eat at this restaurant again.

Everybody stayed together.

I'd like to reserve a private compartment.


We'll never be able to get past the guards.


Vicky put the bottle of whiskey in front of Dominick.


I hope we chat soon.

My secretary is typing my texts and my assistant is talking on telephone.

Just get up.

He was dispensed from all responsibilities of the president.

I've been trying to tell Lenora how I really feel.


A coward runs at the first sign of danger.

Guido was accused of lying.

I think it's time for me to wash my car.

Can you please not do that right now?

Eddie's hungover.

You're Gil's students, right?

I felt as if my face were on fire.

Photography is writing with light.

That would be how I would solve this kind of problem.

I thought you were Wilson's legal guardian.

I'm really sorry that I lied to you.


He went above and beyond the call of duty.

Is this the right bus for Pacific Boulevard?

By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.

I think Raghu was only bluffing.

From what you can tell, what subject would he have interest in?

The official language of Angola is Portuguese.

He plays dirty pool.

"Can you smell something burning?" "Oh, I went and burnt the toast."

I laughed out loud.

I sat by his side.

I have never been to Boston.

A car stopped at the entrance.

The doctor pronounced him dead.

He said he was tired.

The sea turns deep by itself.


Listen, Israel! The Lord is our God; the Lord is one.


I met Randolph in the park.

Ronni was chosen from 300 applicants.

Whom did you see?

Parker Brothers ran out of thimbles and tiny cannons, amounting to a multimillion-dollar loss.

You can hear sounds in the distance better on clear days than you can on cloudy days.

If I don't do it, it won't get done.

He shouldn't have written that.

If you see this message, write me.

You may use my dictionary.


How about some coffee?

They bought vegetables at the market.

I should've warned you earlier.

You can't pay someone to sleep with you.

We're all safe.


He put his finger on the cause of the rocket's failure to orbit.


What's Vicky's problem?


Torn by contradictions went back away.


We talked quite frankly.

We waited long, but he didn't turn up.

Never did I dream that I would take first place in the piano contest.

Wash your hands right now.

Bea was a sight for sore eyes in her stunning, form-fitting red outfit.

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Mark tried the basement door and to his surprise, it was unlocked.

Ask us anything.

Have you ever authorized me to leave early?


Tell us what you know about Mitchell.

Two opinions are better than one.

Hans Bethe won the 1967 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work concerning energy production in stars.


Will you come to my party?

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The setting sun is not yellow, but orange.

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I like this book best.

I think one drink will do.

Would you like to come out and play?

Claudio still has a few options.

You'll see it again.

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Anyway, it's not your problem.

I have no friend to talk with.

The young man was completely absorbed in the contemplation of her beauty.

Some Canadian territories have almost no people.

That's very elegant.


It's a waste of time to reason with a child.


Science produced the atomic bomb.

This is very similar to the one I have.

I think you should leave well enough alone.

Bacteria do not reproduce in alcohol.

You'll never be able to find Syd.


We've never needed it.

Don't make me regret this.

Is he looking?

Jitendra died of a broken heart.

He was dealt a deadly blow.

The topic is taboo here.

We didn't need them for that.

I was going to check on her.

Don't stick your fingers behind the door. I might crush them when I close it.

We don't have much snow here even in the winter.

Most people live in urban areas.

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Grab your gear.


What's the first question that comes to your mind?

We're adventurous.

I forgot his address.

Floyd is a relative of mine.

God makes you healthy, and the doctor gets the money.

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Nicolo and Orville quickly got into their car and drove away.

Get her out of there.

Even though he is my neighbour, I did not know him well.

I don't know the person you're talking about.

Does Srinivasan understand?

I want to thank you for your time.

Have you ever cut a tree with an ax?

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Man reached the moon at last.

I've got a party tonight.

Ask Paola to clear away the dishes.

He often attributes his failures to bad luck.

You're a pain in the neck.

The data cited in King's research is taken from UNESCO's 1970 white paper on world population.

She didn't see a thing.

I'm getting pregnant tonight.

The young boy helped the old woman.


She writes essays in addition to novels and poetry.

You should be happy for Manolis.

This dog has a keen sense of smell.

He is always cool.

I wanted to help, but there was nothing I could do.