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The story behind Dragon Lore

The story behind Dragon Lore, the most expensive weapon in CS:GO!

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Join the World Cup Madness this summer. Celebrate Football without leaving the server!

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(916) 813-9946

EAC is now required for all tournaments!

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(772) 777-4090

Questions? Check out the FAQ section for more information!


(208) 851-2764

Are you tired of waiting for a whole week to get your skin?

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Wingman now available!

Wingman mode hits PvPRO! Try it out now!


(800) 376-9800

Changes on the CS:GO and PvPRO trading systems!

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Are you ready for the Sliverlympics 2018?

Experience 4 days of immense action between 19-23 Feb, with the Sliverlympics 2018!

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Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming and we are celebrating at PvPRO!

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New Reporting System

New ways to Report other players as well as game server issues! Find out more!

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