About Our Company

While we are small, dont let that fool you! Our expertise covers a wide range of services at competitive rates handling niche expertise that are impossible to find.

From full stack web development, mobile application development, cloud architectures, networking, voice, contact centers; if you have a need we have a solution. At GuRue Consulting we understand the term "customer journey"; we understand how to build applications and solutions that integrate with existing company assests to maximize the current investment.

If however, you find yourself interested in solving other types of technology issues, GuRue Consulting can help you with that journey as well, all journeys are fair game!

Why Choose Us

We provide a wide range of consulting expertise from software development to infrastructure.

Cisco Unified Collaboraton and Contact Center Expertise

Expertise on Cisco Unified Contact centers (UCCE, CVP, APIs, Customer Journey Development, CUCM, CUSP, CUBE, etc.)

Software Development Expertise

Full stack web development using MEAN stack as well as React, Redux. Mobile App development using React Native, Swift, etc.

Cloud and Networking Expertise

Cloud and network architecture expertise whether its pure or hybrid cloud, expertise in core routing and switching, security, cloud application development, Dev OPs, etc.


Systems design, integration and repair. Including custom system builds for personal consumption like high end gaming PCs, etc.

Founder and CEO

A strong team needs a strong leader!

CCIE#9269 R&S
CCIE#9269 Collaboration
MEAN Certified Developer
CISSP #75383
BS Computer Science and Math

30+ years of software dev
25+ yrs of Networking and Voice

25+ yrs of advisory/technical consulting

Rue Green

Founder and CEO